Beginner Witchcraft: Starting Small and Simple

Beginner Witchcraft: Starting Small and Simple

When first stepping into witchcraft, there are a lot of reading and other things to intake. It can honestly be extremely overwhelming figuring out the first steps you want to take, especially for beginners. And after doing your reading and research where you want to start with incorporating magical practices into your everyday life. And my advice on this particular subject is to start with the little things. Which I admit sounds vague, but let me expound just a little further.

Daily Witchcraft Practices

This is where I personally started when it came to working more magical practices into my life. Because a lot of them were things I was already doing in my day. My daily skin routine, shower, and tooth care were cleansing. Getting dressed and ready for the day, protection. Journaling and daily tarot reading, meditation. It made the whole thing seem far less daunting than it felt. Because it was all things I was already doing and it didn’t shake up my routines too much. However, it also allowed me to find where I could shake those routines up a little. It also allowed me to use what I already had available and at hand, becoming familiar with my own tools. It is also great for those low spoon days when you don’t have it.

Daily Practice Ideas

  • Take a piece of jewelry you wear every day/often, and say a blessing for protection, confidence, or whatever you need during the day.
  • Choosing makeup or clothing colors for the energy you want to draw into your life.
  • Use your choice of divination, picking one card/rune/etc, and journaling what that card means to you.
  • Take a minute in your shower or bath to focus on cleansing your energy.
  • Put your playlist on shuffle and do a little musical divination.
  • Stir your intentions into your morning coffee, tea, or favorite drink.
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When I first got into witchcraft, dove into the deep end when it came to studying. To the point that it has burnt me out a few times. Or I would fall out of routine for various reasons. It actually took me a while to get to the point that I could find a good way to make study work for me. But I found that, taking it slow. Doing it a little at a time and not pushing myself to get it all into my brain at once was the best way to go. It has allowed me to retain much more information and learn how to incorporate it into the daily practices I already use. When I am studying, I really like to journal or use a Book of Shadows type layout to catalog what I am working on.

Study Ideas

  • Got a new book? Read it one chapter or even one section at a time.
  • Learning Tarot? Start with the Major Arcana and study one card at a time.
  • New stone/herb/plant? Spend some time with it, focus your study just on that for a time.
  • Set an alarm for holidays you want to observe about a week or so before that time. Gives you the window to not only prepare but also research.
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Spells and Rituals

Now this section can be a doozy. Spells and rituals are always a little larger and more in-depth than daily practices. Especially if you are stressed about trying to write your own. And honestly, writing your own is great. But, I am one hundred percent behind using the vast array of spellbooks out there for your personal witchcraft. For a few different reasons. One, sometimes you honestly don’t have it in you to do all the research you need for a spell. Two, writer’s block or the want for it to be perfect can trip you up quickly. Three, you don’t have the energy. So don’t feel guilty if you use a spell that someone has already written, there is a reason they have written it. Plus, you can always modify it to fit your needs.

Also, a lot of things you already are doing can be rituals on their own. Cleaning your room? Light your favorite candle, incense, or room spray. Even just opening your window and changing your sheets can refresh your personal space. Masturbation, yeah you bet that can be made into a ritual, especially great for full moons. Cleaning or rearranging your altar space is also a ritual all on its own. So don’t think that your routine can’t be magical.

Favorite Spellbooks

What it all comes down to in the end, is making your practice fit how you need it in your life. Your practice doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s because it is something that is personal for every person. So take your time, pace yourself, and make it work for you in the best ways you can.

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