CrashPad Episode 341: Amy Payme and Kay Coole

CrashPad Episode 341: Amy Payme and Kay Coole

“Kay Coole asks Amy Payme to help them practice their rope work – an innocent request that is by no means an excuse to turn Amy into a trussed-up plaything! Coincidentally, Amy becomes a trussed-up plaything, for Kay to fondle and finger as they please. The transformation is complete when Kay straps a dildo to Amy’s thigh and rides them while they suck Kay’s tits. Once released, Amy eagerly eats Kay’s cunt ’til they come. Hey, uh… anyone wanna help me practice my knots?”

– Keymaster

Welcome to another #SexEdPornReview, this time we have CrashPad Episode 341. Featuring Amy Payme (@amypaymeMN) and Kay Coole (@inasluttyway). Much of this matches up with my live-tweet of the episode back in March. However it does contain additional links and information that you just cannot fit into 240 characters!

Don’t forget, CrashPadSeries episodes are closed captioned. This is not only amazing for watchers who are hard of hearing, but it is also great for watchers like myself who have some audio processing issues.

CrashPad Consent is Sexy

We jump right into the tying up from the start, after getting the consent of course. And while I know my focus should be the rope, I am just struck by how cute both of their lingerie is! The lace, the sheer fabrics, the billowy sleeves, and those stockings! Also, I love seeing a fat body in strappy lingerie. My body shape is rather close to Kay’s, and so it gives me a little boost of honest to goodness confidence to see it. Because they look like an absolute goddess. I love the little contact here and there while the tying happens. The shoulder kisses, moving Amy’s hair to keep it from getting caught, and the flirty glances from both. Kay is concentrating on making sure the rope is tied, but they aren’t forgetting about Amy.

Rope Play

I am an absolute novice when it comes to rope play. But I will say that the tie, while it seems simple, is still lovely. And sometimes simple is all you really need! So if you are starting on ropework, you should go with the basics first before you jump in too deep. 

If you would like to learn more about ropework basics, I highly recommend checking out these books below. 

Now with Amy all tied up, there is some checking in. They make sure the rope isn’t too tight and they are comfortable. But it isn’t long before Kay has Amy on her back slowly taking her time to tease and play with them. Also, while I could not find the specific rope they are using, if you are looking for a good place to get rope I suggest Agreeable Agony. What rope I have gotten, I have enjoyed most from them. 

Thigh Harnesses 

After fingering Amy, Kay gets out a thigh harness! I love these for a number of reasons. 

  • They fit a larger range of body sizes.
  • Great for people who might be unable to use a body harness for various reasons. (mobility, pain, etc.)
  • Hands-free as the dildo tends to stay upright.

The one being used in this scene is the Neoprene Thigh Harness! Which you can get from Early To Bed

Other Thigh Harnesses

Seeing Amy bounce her leg so that she can fuck Kay with the dildo while they are straddling them is just so perfect. Another great reason for using a thigh strap on your legs is doing all the work and it doesn’t need to be much.

The way Kay giggles as she orgasms is just magical. I may legit have a bit of a crush here. I love how the second Amy is free of the rope she just pounces on Kay. Quickly turning the tables and going down on them. It is so playful and sweet. Amy is rewarded wonderfully with an orgasm via the Rechargeable Magic Wand until she cannot take it anymore. Which is not only a good time but a great end to the scene.

And that wraps up this short but sweet #SexEdPornReview! I adored this scene and it most certainly has ended up on my favorites list. Thank you to CrashPad, Amy Payme, and Kay Coole for such a wonderful scene. 

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