CrashPad Episode 344: Maxine Holloway and Valentine

CrashPad Episode 344: Maxine Holloway and Valentine

Welcome to #SexEdPornReview! This time we have CrashPadSeries Episode 344: Maxine Holloway

@MaxineHolloway (she/her) and Valentine @VonBettie (she/her) in a very steamy roleplay scene.

“Valentine is hungry like the wolf, but Maxine Holloway has a Mothers Day treat for her. After lactating all over Valentine’s face, the MILFy moocow fingerfucks her into orgasm after orgasm. After Maxine rides Valentine’s face (talk about ‘reverse cowgirl!’), Valentine goes down for a mouthful of more than milk. Looks like this dairy-lightful pairing had a howling good time!”

– Keymaster

This scene sounds amazing! Who doesn’t love a good cow pun? Right off the bat, I am adoring the playful energy of both Maxine and Valentine. Maxine lounges on the bed enjoying chocolates as Valentine with a rose in her mouth scampers up on all fours. It is so cute! A fox and cow roleplay is not one I would have thought of! Valentine is eagerly hungry and playful, while Maxine is quite happy to share some treats with her.

A tattooed femme (Valentine) in a black and white latex one-piece. They are at the end of the bed with another woman's legs being shown in the picture surrounded by rose petals. Valentine has a pink rose between her teeth and a bright smile on their face.

With a bit of chocolate, Maxine says there is a perfect way to wash it down. And as she moves her hands to her breasts Valentine grows excited about milkies. Erotic lactation is a new one for me, while I have heard of it. This is my first time partaking in porn that features it. Though with the rise in cow roleplay, so too has this particular kink grown in popularity from what I have seen on the internet. Erotic lactation can be an extension of breast worship or breast massage. As well as oral stimulation through lapping, licking, or suckling the lactating partner’s nipples, to release milk. Lactating people enjoy the sensation and the release of squirting milk from their bodies. This is a way that lactating people can engage in play with fluids and the pleasure of releasing fluids. As we see Maxine as she squirts milk onto Valentine’s tongue.

Valentine kneels with their tongue out facing Maxine who is holding one breast in her hand while squirting milk. Both with happy and eager looks on their faces.

Because breast milk is a fluid, it is fluid exchange. And when you are not using barriers, you still want to use the safe sex practice of communication. Not only about doing the act, but about your STI status and any other health concerns there may be. But if a fluid exchange is not part of what either wants, that is where barriers come in. So it all comes down to what negotiation and communication happen between you and your partners. Another part of Erotic Lactation is the concept of taking up space, making a mess all over yourself or your partner can be erotic. Which makes the choice of wearing latex smart as liquid drips right off of it.

Back into the scene, I love how much the two are just enjoying one another bodies. Taking the time to stimulate and warm up one another. Kissing, hugging, groping, and grinding against each other.

The communication is not only smooth, but Maxine keeps it in character referencing her skin as cowhide, telling Valentine to pet the cow, and using her fox paws. It’s the playfulness of the scene that is putting me into a good Moo-ed.

I have just noticed that Valentine is wearing a tail plug! While I cannot tell which brand it might be. I personally recommend the tail plugs from @CrystalDToys if you are a fan of glass plugs.

Valentine on all fours with Maxine behind them. Valentine is wearing a black fox tail plug.

But if you would rather silicone or metal I would suggest checking out The Spanking Acadamy

@BedroomWishes or Love Plugs @loveplugsco. If you would like a tail but don’t want to fuss with a plug. I highly recommend looking into those in the cosplay field. Or even the furry community for really well-made wearable tales. You can get it custom-made and support a small maker/business at the same time.

Getting back to the scene. Cue me to get absolutely lost in watching Maxine finger Valentine. Not only are both performers super into what is happening. But both of their sounds of enjoyment are amazing. CrashPadSeries always has such vocal performers and as someone who is an audiophile, it ticks all of my boxes. From the sounds of the performers themselves to the acoustics of the room. It is all a perfect blend of erotic sounds.

With some intense fingering, it isn’t long before we see that the fox isn’t the only one who is hungry. Maxine goes down on Valentine with fervor, adding her mouth to the stimulation. While this scene isn’t rough, it is still super passionate. Maxine does not stop until Valentine is quite literally quivering even after she has finished. Side note, I am in love with how Valentine squeal-giggles. 10/10, 5 stars, big fox energy. Another great communication moment. Valentine asked if Maxine would be grossed out if she licked her feet. It is a great way of checking in while still in the moment. While taking into account that there could be a chance that she might not be into it.

Now it is Valentine’s turn to show Maxine how hungry she is. Going down on her and then having Maxine straddle her face to continue. After this, there is still more to be had. Valentine fingers Maxine, and in the middle gets a few more squirts to the face of milk as Maxine squeezes her chest. Culminating in another glorious orgasm that sinks into a pile of cuddles.

Thank you to both performers and to CrashPadSeries for another amazing episode! Getting to learn more about a new kink and sharing it with my readers was a treat!

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