Review: Extreme O-Ring Gag

Review: Extreme O-Ring Gag

When looking over gags from Shevibe I recently picked out the Extreme O-Ring Gag to review. Gags are some of my favorite kink accessories. The idea of having the ability to clearly or even at all taken away. It is the one that always makes me squirm. Though I have only ever used ball gags or gags made out of cloth. So the chance to try a new gag is one that I never pass!

Extreme O-Ring Gag

This gag is from the Fetish Fantasy line by Pipedream. Being an o-ring gag, it allows for you to gag your partner. But not to muffle their sound by keeping their mouth open. Made of silicone it has no taste or smell out of the box that I could find. Though because it is made in a factory were toys that are made of non-body safe materials this may vary. Most of the gag is made out of silicone. The other parts seem to be made of simple steel metal.

Extream Oring made out of silicone laying draped over a head board that has a rainbow colored shall on it

The o-ring on the gag is 1.5 inches in diameter so it is safe for beginners. As for size, they list that it is one size fits most. From end to end it is about 22 inches in length. So you will want to measure your head about were the gag will sit to make sure it will fit you.

So what did I think?

I am going to break this down by a few parts that stand out first.

The Buckle

The Extreme O-Ring Gag has a unique buckle. Instead of being a flat buckle like most I have seen. This one ends in a ring. Presumably for locking it, but also I found that it causes less slipping. Allowing for a tighter, almost snug fit. The ring also allowed it to move through the holes easier.

The Ring1

As stated, the ring is 1.5 inches in diameter. It sits behind the teeth nicely even for a small mouth like mine. From the feeling of it, the ring itself is not silicone all the way through. Instead, it is a silicone wrapped wring of metal to keep it sturdy.

The Silicone

Made of silicone, the Extreme O-Ring Gag has a smooth finish. Almost velvet texture. For me, I found this was great for not having a taste or smell. Bad for it slipping down my hair. Not holding as tight as I wanted it to during wear. As my hair is long, I found the trick was to buckle it with the strap sitting over where my hair was pulled back. This stopped the strap from slipping.

Favorite thing about the silicone, it allows the toy to be fully cleaned after each use.

The Wear

Overall, once I was able to figure out the best way to wear the Extreme O-Ring Gag. The ring was comfortable. It didn’t chafe at the skin of my cheeks. Nor did it pull my hair when it did move. Now I only did wear it about 15 to 20 minutes at a time, as that is what my jaw would allow. But if your jaw is stronger you will have different results. But for that amount of time, I enjoyed wearing it a lot.

If you plan to use it with a partner, you are only able to fit things under 1.5 inches inside the o-ring so keep that in mind. I found fingers to be the best for any penetration.


The Extreme O-Ring Gag from Fetish Factory is a toy that I believe would be good for beginners into kink. But even those who are deep in the kink waters will enjoy it. I suggest also brushing up on your gag safety if you are just starting out!

Thank you Shevibe for giving me a chance to review this gag! All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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