Review: Drago and Draken by The Realm

Review: Drago and Draken by The Realm

Finding myself in the woods, my party resting near the river. We had spent the last few weeks hitting up various dungeons. Cleaning up a few things in the river I spotted it. Shining in the light that came through the canopy of trees above me. A sword. The hilt made of shining bronze with two dragon heads on either side of the guard. The blade, like none other that had crossed my sight before. Blue and rounded at the point, the ridges reminding me of beasts we had fought only days ago. Seeing it, I knew what I had found.

A rocky creek, among the rocks is a bronze handled sword sitting in the water. Two dragons heads make up the hilt and the sword is a blue textured fantasy dildo.
The Drago and Draken sitting among the rocks of the river

Drago and Draken

The Drago and Draken are two halves of a legendary whole. Know by many names throughout many regions. The Two-Headed Dragon. The Double Draco. The Hydra. There it was in my hands as I studied it near the fire. It is not a large weapon. The Draken blade is 7.75 inches. The Drago hilt longer, 11.5 inches. The blade locking on to the hilt at the top.

The blade they say with all its bumps and texture was made to look like the genitalia of a dragon race long past. As this was not made to be a cutting or stabbing weapon. The blade was meant to give the user, power. But the power comes with the price. Giving one’s self over to the pleasure of the Draken. Did I dare allow myself to do that? Not knowing if there would be any consequences. I tucked it under my pillow for the night to think on it. We would be back in the village by the evening. Then I would make my decision.

A rocky creek, among the rocks is a bronze handled sword sitting in the water. Two dragons heads make up the hilt and the sword is a blue textured fantasy dildo
It shines in the sunlight as it drys off

Awakening The Blade

Sitting with it in my room at the Inn, felt the power that lingered inside of it. The hilt was heavy, a constant reminder that it was not the end to be used. All sharp edges and pointing teeth on the guard. But the blade enticed me, running my fingers over all the bumps and ridges. Even if it was a fake, I knew I had to try.

I used a favored potion made of plants to lubricate the Draken blade. The grip of the handle sturdy as it penetrated me. As I continued my slow motions I could feel the texture. Working inside of me as it seemed to find places I didn’t know I could find enjoyable. The ridge of the head perfect against my G-spot. It was easy to give into the power that I was holding. It is almost certain that I woke a few other people in the room next to me. Even when my arms got tired from holding the sword, I felt eager for more. If this was the power of the sword. Then I wanted nothing more than to become its new master. As now I had the power within my hands to bring this same pleasure to others. So long as I told of its tale.

Overall Thoughts

The Realm has made a fantastic toy in the Drago and all of its accessories. It does come with two lock ends that are more human. But hands down the Draken is my favorite. This toy is fun and great for anyone who might have an adventurous side. All the parts are sold separately, so you can mix and match how you choose.

A few small tips to close this out, do not forget to use a little lubrication between the hilt and the toy. This will allow for easier removal later. Pulling too much can cause damage to the silicone parts of the toy. Also, the Drago is not meant for penetration. The plastic has sharp edges that can cut at thinner flesh.

Thank you to Shevibe for sending it out to me to review! I hope you all like my fun little way of going about it this time. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to read more like this from time to time!

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