Review: Zalo Hero PulseWave Massager

Review: Zalo Hero PulseWave Massager

Indulgent, elegant, and opulent. When you see a Zalo toy, their very aesthetic screams it. The Zalo Hero is no different. From the sleek curved serpentine design. To the small SWAROVSKI crystal that sits nestled in its curve. Their toys are pleasing to the eyes, but what I had to know was would it please me.

The Zalo Hero sitting propped up in a red glass bowl among different crystals.
Precious Crystals

Zalo Hero

The Zalo Hero is a clitoral stimulating toy, in that it’s PulseWave technology as they say revolutionary.

Specially designed to indulge and titillate the sensitive area of the clitoris, HERO uses ZALO’s proprietary PulseWaveâ„¢ technology to achieve a swing width of up to 30 mm and a swing frequency of up to 75 times per second, evoking unique sensations designed to imitate a memorable oral sex session.

-Zalo Hero on the PulseWave technoloy.

But there is not just the PulseWave side of the toy! The Zalo Hero has a second side with a simple vibration as well. So in this, you are getting two kinds of stimulation in one toy. Made out of body-safe silicone, ABS, and one SWAROVSKI crystal. It is lightweight and is USB rechargeable via magnets making it splashproof.

The PulseWave side has 4 settings from low to very high. The vibration side also has four settings. Though it goes low, low pulse, high, high pulse. One hour of charge allows for 2 to 3 hours of use. Which depends on how high as setting you are using.

So What Did I Think?

First things first, my love for clitoral stimulation from vibration is known. This is my main way of achieving orgasm. However, when it comes to oral sex, I am not the fondest. My clit is set pretty far back because of how much flesh my labia has. So I just don’t achieve a lot of pleasure from the act. So I started rather skeptical with the Zalo Hero. Sure it was powerful I could tell that from the moment I turned it on high. But I was certain my fat body would dull those vibrations quickly.

Dear reader. Sometimes it is really good to be wrong.

The head of the Zalo Hero left facing, front facing, and right facing. All on a magenta background.

The curved design of the top of the Zalo Hero was actually perfect. The taper was thick enough to keep my lips parted just enough. That the tip could flutter like it was meant to. With just a little lube I was enjoying speeds that I am pretty sure no human tongue can reach. It was actually amazing. Not only on my clit but I loved running it all over. Not only just my labia but it felt rather amazing on my nipples as well. The rounded tip creates a soft thumping sensation that actually was shiver-inducing for me.

While I prefer it on the first two settings, for longer drawn out masturbation sessions. The two highest will get me to orgasm in under five minutes if I really just want to get off quickly.

The vibration side seemed sadly almost dull in comparison. I was not a fan of having to cycle through the pulsation to get to the high. And it was just very basic.

Now for my one downside of the Zalo Hero, the buttons. For me, if I was not getting the buttons in just the right angle. It was hard to change vibration or turn on the toy. They are just a little too small to be as accessible as I would like. When using the vibration side I found myself going for the magnets rather than the button often.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the Zalo Hero actually lives up to its name. It is a hero in my bedroom life because of giving me an orgasm in ways I was sure I couldn’t. If you are looking for a pinpoint clitoral toy that is different from the others. This is a great one to go with. The price point is a little high and that is because you are paying for the aesthetic of the crystal in my opinion. However it is rather gorgeous so if you are looking for a high-end toy for your toy box, this is not a bad one to choose

Thank you Shevibe for sending me the Zalo Hero in exchange for this review. This toy has been sadly discontinued.

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