Hiring an Escort? 4 Tips to Make it Easy!

Hiring an Escort? 4 Tips to Make it Easy!

Hiring an Escort can be a slightly daunting task, especially if it is your first time. There are many sex workers and escort agencies in so many areas. That it can seem like you don’t really know where to start. These are 4 tips to take that may make your search easier.

1. Learn Your Escort Terms

Terms like outcall, incall, GFE (Girlfriend Experience), and PSE (Porn Star Experience) are going to four terms that you will see everywhere. Outcall means that the escort is willing to travel to you. Incall means you meet them at a location.

Girlfriend Experience means that the escort will act as your girlfriend. Sometimes including a date or going somewhere. It can even mean the escort sleeps overnight with you. The focus is not just on sex but the experience as a whole which can be much more intimate.

Porn Star Experience is more for those who are looking to get right to the sex. This service implies that you are up for porn-style sex – from anal, light bondage, deep throat and other services from this range.

Neither of these means that a sex worker has to not use a condom with you. For their safety and the safety of their other clients, most sex workers will always insist on using barriers. This is something that you can ask, but it is best to be prepared to be told they are needed.

The base of two stools. On the left someone is someone wearing sneakers. On the right is someone wearing heeled boots. Could be considered an Escort on an outcall.
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2. Know What You Want

Figure out ahead of time, what you are looking for. Do you want to explore a kink that you are interested in? Are you and another looking for a threesome? Perhaps you want to have companionship or needs that are not met from dating? This will help you narrow down your search for an escort or sex worker. It will also help you be able to tell them clearly what you are looking for. Either through correspondence or the day of your appointment if they don’t discuss details through email.

Also, think about what your limits are. Even those matter, if you aren’t comfortable with outcalls. Or cannot leave your residence because of disabilities or mental health. You need to know to make sure to find someone who will come to you.

3. Research Your Escort

Research covers so much. From what services they offer, to when they will be available for an appointment. It also includes knowing what the laws are where you are looking. Everywhere is different and every sex worker is different. This also goes for how to contact the. Some prefer email only. Others choose to speak on the phone. They may ask for references. It is always different.

Every sex worker/escort is going to have their limits on what they are comfortable doing. While you may find someone who you are attracted to. That doesn’t always mean they are up for everything. If you are contacting an agency, knowing what you want will help them in finding you an escort that is right for your needs. If you are hiring an independent sex worker, read through all of their information. Very often if you miss something important, they may choose to just skip over your contact.

4. Be Respectful

When contacting a sex worker or escort agency, you want to be respectful. This is their job. You want to be respected when it comes to your work. So offer them that same consideration. Understand that they might not be able to get to your email right away. Don’t just write something crass or filthy, they are likely to outright ignore that. Don’t balk when they ask for references or proof of your last STI results even. Treat them with respect and they will do the same for you.

Also when you do meet with them. Take the time to shower, shave, and do all of your self-care. This is right up there with respect. Because it is showing respect for them physically.

Do you have any tips or things you think should be remembered before hiring a sex worker? Please share them below! While I have covered what I think are the big four. I know that there has to be some that I have missed.

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