Review: Pop Top Wand Attachment Nubby Purple

Review: Pop Top Wand Attachment Nubby Purple

Wand attachments are a great way to breath new life into your old wand. Or to let you use a wand between partners. Attachments slip over the head of most wands, though are often made with the Orignal Magic Wand in mind.

Pleasure Works makes three Pop Tops all for under $25 dollars1. The Rigged Black, Smooth Fuschia, and Nubby Purple. Shevibe carries all three, and I had a chance to review one of them. So I picked the Nubby Purple.

Pop Top Nubby Purple

The Nubby Purple is a silicone attachment that is made with soft little nubby bumps all over. The silicone itself is a soft matte texture with just a hint of sparkle to it. The bottom of the attachment is thin, so it can stretch, while the top has a bit of thickness to it. Allowing it to form a seal around the top of the wand. As well as give some extra cushion against the skin.

The nubs that give the Nubby Purple its namesake are firm when they drag. But soft when you apply direct pressure. Allowing for a number of different sensations. The second layer also causes the vibrations to soften even when the wand is on its highest setting.

So What Did I Think

One of the first things I enjoy about the Nubby Purple was how easy it was to slip on. I added a little bit of water-based lube to the inside. Then it just stretched over the head of my Magic Wand. It was almost like pulling on a swim cap. Making sure there was no air between the wand attachment and the wand head itself.

Once I started to use it, I really enjoyed the texture of the nubs on my skin. It changed things up. I really liked using it against my thighs, breasts, and labia. It dulled the vibrations just enough that I could enjoy the feeling against my skin. Making it go from something that gives me intense orgasms quickly. To something, I had to work towards.

However, for me, it never came. While I had gained texture, I had lost the ability to get it to press against my clit. The extra 2 inches of silicone making the head too broad. The extra flesh of my pubic area already muffles vibrations quite a bit. So this just doubled down. I ended up having to remove the Pop Top to orgasm. Though I did find that I was worked up enough from my teasing that I was able to orgasm quickly. So it was not a total loss.

Overall Thoughts

While the Nubby Purple Pop Top didn’t quite work as I thought it would. It did change how I use my wand. For someone who might find their wand to be too powerful, this could be a great way to dull the vibrations. For those who want some texture to play with as well! It is something that I know I am going to keep figuring out how to play with what works for my body.

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