Review: Vibease

Review: Vibease

App-controlled toys are still fairly new when it comes to the market that is sex tech. Though most are rather standard in letting you connect with another person. With Vibease they took it a step further. Not only can you use this toy with a partner through their app. You can also use the Vibease while listening to audiobooks that have set vibration controls during the audio.

Vibease Toy

The Vibease toy is rather small in size and bean-shaped with a small nub at the narrow top for clitoral stimulation. Made of silicone material makes it body-safe. The Vibease itself is water-resistant, not waterproof even though their website and packaging say otherwise. So it cannot be submerged, but you can use it in the shower.

The vibrations itself are simple pattern low to high and some patterns when it is not connected to to the app. Not very strong, nor very weak either. Honestly, the vibrations are right in the middle. Enough to get you off but not overwhelm. It is also rather quiet even when not pressed against the body. There is no way to be attached to your underwear at they suggest it be worn under that. It does have to be rather tight so anything other than boxers seem to work.

The Vibease comes with both a long and short USB cord for charging, lasting for three hours on a full charge. It only comes in pink or purple for your choice of colors. Though I wish it had an Aqua or Mintish Green to match their colors.

The App

The Vibease App is available in the Play Store or App Store depending on your device. You can log in with an email or connect via your Facebook profile. It does require you to put a nickname and only allows you to pick Male or Female as your gender. Once you have hooked up the toy via Bluetooth you are ready to use the App and Vibease together.

Once in the main app, you can start looking through the Market. Many of them cost credits. Some as low as 10 and as high as 30, which roughly correlates to $1 to $3 dollars for a book. They also all tend to span between 5 and 30 minutes for a story. It allows you to pick between Trending or New, with the option to search the store for themes. There is also a good handful of free ones.

The next tab is called Fantasy. Here you can look through what you have downloaded. Or hit the button with their logo to enter quick play where you can change the vibrations via your phone. It also comes with a couple of non-audiobook options that give the sounds of an atmosphere while allowing you to control the vibrations. One is a beach setting and the other one is a sort of rainy day vibe.

From there is the chat feature. This allows you to connect to another user so that you can both text and video chat. This is also what allows another person to connect to your Vibease for play.

So What Did I think?

There are a lot of thoughts I have about the Vibease and its app. I am going to break it down between both. First the toy itself and then the app.

The Toy

As a fat person, I am always wary of wearable toys. Very often they don’t fit my body type. Either they don’t stay in place or don’t reach the spots I need to reach. The Vibease pleasantly surprised me. It not only stayed in place but it was able to reach my clit. This was however only when lying in bed while using it. I sadly found that keeping it on while moving was just awkward. My thighs kept shifting it out of place as they moved. But as I don’t tend to play in a public setting this was okay.

The vibrations were nice and buzzy. While they were not super powerful it was enough to get me off while playing with it solo. While using the app for an audiobook or to control the vibration. I found it to be much more like a fun warm-up.

The App

The app was very easy to use. Connecting the toy via Bluetooth took only a few moments. I found that is was super user-friendly. That said there are some issues I did find with the app.

  • Finding Free Books: There is no way to just focus on those. Especially if you aren’t ready to commit to buying.
  • No good category system. This meant reading the description of each story to find out what I was looking for. Or figure out who the narrator was.
  • No LGBT+/Queer audiobooks. There were a few lesbian stories but they seemed mostly skewed towards the fantasy of it.
  • No Previews. If I could preview the books that cost credits. I think I would take a chance on buying them. Because then I could find ones I knew I would like based on story or narrator.

Overall Experience

With the Vibease, I found it to be an enjoyable toy! While it is not something I would use frequently. I think that if I am wanting to get into the right headspace before a date. Or just a nice warm-up before a long playtime alone. If changes happen with the app I see myself using it a lot more. Though I have considered putting some of my own audio up there with more queer themes in them.

Overall I believe the Vibease to be a great toy for couples or someone who really loves their audioporn! You can find it via their site and if you use the code WITCHWANDS you can get 10% off your order!

Thank you Vibease for sending me your toy in exchange for this unbiased review. Also, thank you for being one of my sponsors for my weekend at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

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