Woodhull SFS ’19: Witchy Wrap-Up

Woodhull SFS ’19: Witchy Wrap-Up

Once again, I was delighted when I was able to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit like I did last year. While I felt that my first year was a whirlwind of activity, this year was a little more subdued. Having learned some lessons from my previous attendance. The first being rooming with another blogger. I was very lucky to have the company of Indigo, who runs the blog Indigo is an Adult.

This year I was lucky to have a couple of wonderful sponsors, Early to Bed and Vibease. They helped me in being able to get to Woodhull. I am so grateful to them and I was happy to be representing them.

Thursday: Woodhull Day One

After sleeping in and enjoying my room. I headed down to check-in. I always love how simple it is. There is hardly ever a line. You get to see others who are also checking in. Then you can go check out what tables are open.

I headed right to the Sex Workers Outreach Project table. Talking with a few people there. That day Jenna Torres from Lysistrata was there, who help with emergency funds for sex workers. Then grabbing what is my new favorite tank top.

Black tanktop that reads 'Sex Workers are Magic' in white text. With a Magic Wand Vibrator that leaves a trail of stars over the word.
Best Tank Top Ever

There was not much that first day for me to participate in. But Carly S. of Dildo or Dildon’t was gathering people at the pool. So I happily joined in and spent some time. Not only getting to chat with her but a few others attending the conference as well.

Then at the end of the night, was the Content Creators Showcase. There was a lot of amazing authors, artists, and other content creators. Even a few readings which I have linked below! Each reading made me feel a flurry of emotions especially getting to hear them read by the authors themselves.

Friday: Woodhull Day 2

My focus for the day was Body Positivity! It has been something that I have been working on in the past. From being able to explore my femme side to learning to love my body.

Cannot go anywhere without pins on my lanyard.

My first workshop was More Fats, More Fems: Body Confidence in the Bedroom run by Carly. This one I did a full live-tweet! Pictures of each of her slides as well. I walked out of that one actually feeling a boost in my own confidence.

Then after hanging out in the Creators Lounge for a bit, getting to talk with people like Kevin Patterson and others who were hanging out. It was then off to Beauty & Perspective–How we Experience and Are Experienced Based on Physical Beauty. This workshop had an amazing panel featuring Irene of The Desi Vibes, Cathy Vartuli of TheIntimacyDojo, J.Shari, and Justyn Hintze. This one hit me hard as I had not realized how often through the day I take hits based on how others perceived me. From not only people around me to the media I take in. I highly recommend checking out the PDF they are offering and the video they will be sending out. So you can also take in this amazing talk on your own.

The end of my night was taking in the Smut Slam which was run by Smut Slam D.C. Getting to hear some amazing stories told, see Nina Hartley in an amazing gown, and ending up being the winner of a Njoy Eleven! Made it one heck of a wonderful end to my night!

Enjoy Eleven, makeup bag for scale.

Saturday: Woodhull Day Three

After a very quick breakfast, it was quickly on to my first workshop of the day. Fucking with Power Dynamics run by Justice Rivera, Kate DAdamo, and Shaan Lashun. For an early morning workshop, this one was a lot to take in. Heath justice and consent reform is something I was curious about. This workshop gave me a lot to think about. Especially as someone who is only getting back into kink spaces.

Much of my afternoon was spent again in the Creators Lounge. Which was sponsored by B-Vibes! I was pleased to meet and talk with them. As well as other bloggers. Getting to meet Ryn of Ryn’s Revels and talk more with The Desi Vibes. I was even interviewed on B-Vibe’s Instagram story which was super fun! It was really great they gave people a chance to talk about why they were at the summit and what they are working on!

My last workshop was Getting it On With God: Reclaiming Sacred Sexuality run by Ellen Willert and Nina Hartley. This one was a little hard. I have a lot of notes on it but I haven’t quite fully formulated what I got out of the workshop. As someone who was raised Catholic but now is Pagan. I have a lot of feelings around sacred sexuality that I am only just now exploring. This one gave me a good place to start from.

My night ended spectacularly with Bubble and Burlesque. There were just some wonderful performances. Literally jaw-dropping feelings that came with each one. I wish that I could find words for them, but they are one of those things you had to be there for!


Sunday was for packing up and saying goodbyes. I did take some time to help out the Woodhull Volunteers with some packing up. Then with my ride getting there, I headed home.

Summit Feelings

The Summit is only 10 years old and there is part of me that sees that it is still growing. There is a lot of things that could change and be better. I think that as we a community grow. We can make those things happen, but only if we try to make that growth happen. It is only my second year being able to go. Plus it is the only conferences that is accessible to me at this moment.

Part of me wonders what I can do, to help that growth happen. Who knows, maybe next year I might try volunteering.

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