Viben Sultry Wand – Review

Viben Sultry Wand – Review

2022 has been a year for wands in my reviews. And once more I am back with another, this time the Viben Sultry. A silicone wand made to be able to use anywhere, with many different options for vibrations. Big thank you to Peepshow Toys for sending it my way to give it a try! So let’s get to it. 

Viben Sultry Wand Stats

The Sultry from Viben is a body-safe silicone wand, made for an all-over massage that is usable both in bed and in the shower/bath. The thick handle is ergonomically curved and made to decrease the vibrations being felt in your fingers and hand. It comes with 8 different speeds that vary from extra rumbly to strong. And these can be combined with any of the 20 different vibration functions.

Hold down the top button for three seconds, and it will unlock and turn on the wand. Then press the bottom button to ease down the power–the wand starts on its highest setting rather than the lowest. The center button will give you access to all the 20 different functions. All with different pulsing, escalating, and frequencies that can be sped up or powered down with the 8 speeds to choose from. It also comes with a memory chip, so it stays on the setting that you last left it on. So in case you turn it off by accident or find a setting that you know you love, you don’t lose it!

It is covered in silicone and is rechargeable via a USB that connects through an air-tight port. This allows the wand to be fully submersible so that you can use it in most bodies of water. It comes with a nice satin drawstring bag for storage as well. It only comes in a ruby red color.


  • 2.13 inches head width
  • 12.68 inches total length
  • 12 oz. weight

So What Did I Think

Right away I noticed the handle of the Sultry, as it is incredibly stiff to the touch. I actually had to reach out to the manufacturer, Viben Toys, to see what it was made of. I swore it felt like something harder than plastic. But turns out it is just very firm and very dense plastic wrapped in smooth silicone. However, when it came to handling the Sultry, I found that density to be somewhat of a hindrance to my grip. My hand wanted the softness of a little more grip in the silicone, or for the plastic to be hollow. I found it causing my wrists to flare with pain because it just didn’t seem to have any sort of give to it.

Now on the plus side, the vibrations of the Sultry could not be felt in the wand’s handle. And that was pleasant in helping there be not too much more of a usage issue for me. The combination would have likely made me need to tap out. But yes, even with the vibrations getting as powerful as they do, I never felt a single vibration in the handle. So this is a boon for this particular toy. Especially because we have to discuss the two big downsides to this particular wand and its vibrations. At least for me as I saw them for my own use. Though I do admit that they are huge upsides for people who enjoy variety and broad choices.

First, once you have the Sultry turned on, it starts on the highest setting rather than the lowest. So unless you like intense stimulation from the get-go, you have to take the moment to ramp it downward with the button for going through those settings. Which isn’t so bad in and of itself. But what I did take issue with is that there are 20 different pattern functions and 8 different speeds. For a total of 160 different functions. That is great for someone who likes a lot of variety. I just found it to be honestly overwhelming. But also, to get back to your basic vibration pattern you must scroll through all 19 other functions until you can get back to that first setting. Not only can this take a lot of time, but I also missed being back on the basic setting in the early stages of toy testing. So I found myself going through it two or three times just to get back to where I wanted. I was also none too fond of the memory chip function because just turning the toy on and off quickly didn’t fix the issue. 

But after just settling to stay on the basic functions of the Sultry, I got down to really testing the wand. The vibrations themselves are nice and rumbly, though do reach faintly buzzy on the higher settings. I found that the frequencies of the vibrations are very broad and do spread well so it isn’t just focusing on one area. Being that this is closer to a mini wand than a full-size one, the head is a good size for being able to also cover a broad area. So even when it did get buzzy, it wasn’t overwhelming. The Sultry’s neck is very bendable, which makes up just a little for the stiffness of the handle. And while there is a bit of texture on the wand head, I did not find that I could really feel it during use. I think if it had been slightly more pronounced, it would have made some nice ridges to grind against while using the wand. 

Overall Thoughts

The Sultry by VibenToys seems like a simple wand at first, but it holds a lot of different bells and whistles that make it stand out among your basic wands. If you are looking for a wand that is going to give you tons of variety in the ways of patterns and speeds, this is great. But if you just want something simple, there are a number of other wands that could be great for you. This is certainly a situation where you have to take all of your needs into account before deciding to buy. 

You can get the Sultry wand at Peepshow Toys for $84. Or check out anything else that the Viben Toys line has to carry at Peepshow Toys!

Thank you to Peepshow Toys for providing the Sultry to me in exchange for this review. All writing and opinions are my own. 

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