Dame Com Wand — Review

Dame Com Wand — Review

Since my review of Dame Aer, I have been very interested in the brand as a whole. So when they came out with the Dame Com wand that was specifically stated to be made with many bodies in mind, I was even more interested. 

Finding toys that work with your body and your abilities are so important. Not only so that you can feel comfortable while using your favorite toy, but also to ease frustrations that can come along. The Vibed, as always, had my back and sent it my way so that we could get a deeper look at how well it does the job!

Com Wand Stats

Dame has come out with a body-friendly wand with comfort for all physical abilities in mind. The curved wand handle is made to make it easy to hold so you can focus on the vibrations. The Com features the most powerful motor that Dame currently has. This allows for strong rumbly vibrations that are steady, with five sensitivity levels and five pattern levels. The bulbed head covers the clitoris and vulva, allowing for a broad rumble. There is a smaller, slightly recessed part in the handle of the Com, and holding it for about three seconds will turn it on. The slightly larger tear-shaped depression that has a nub at the top of it will scroll through the functions and sensitivity levels. 

Dame Com Wand and Accessories

The Com is made of silicone all over, so it’s fully waterproof. With a magnetic USB charging cable, it charges in 2 and a half hours and has an hour of run time at its highest setting. It also comes with a lovely cloth storage bag in the signature Dame blue. 


  • 10.5 in (26.67 cm) Length of Wand
  • 1.75 in (4.44 cm) Width
  • 3.5 in (8.89 cm) Diameter of Head

So What Do I Think?

After getting the Com out of its packaging, the handle is the first thing you notice about the wand. The bottom half is curved, while the top half is straight. In a way, this reminded me of the build that the PalmPower Extreme has with the bend in the neck at the very top of the wand. The silicone is soft to the touch with a somewhat velvety finish to it. So it glides along the skin nicely, but I still recommend using lubrication with most toys if you drag or move it along the skin. Remember that because it is covered in silicone, you will want to use water or oil-based lube. Nothing silicone or hybrid because it will react with the silicone of the wand. 

Dame Com as a Massager

As a basic massager, I rather loved Com’s build. Straight wands don’t really allow me to get my back as easily as I would like. But I found on my own I could reach the middle of my back quite easily, with no extra stress put on my body as I held it. I did notice that I could feel the vibrations in the handle. However, it was so light even on higher settings that it didn’t cause my hand to go numb at any point during use. The wand is also very light, so if you have any issues with your hands or wrists when it comes to too much weight, it should be a good fit for you. I also rather enjoyed using it against my wrist and palm to massage out pains there as the head fit nicely against both parts. 

The curve of the Dam Com has to be my favorite part of the wand itself. The curve allowed me to get a good angle for use without having to strain my arm to get the right position. Using it was as smooth as a joystick but with a gearshift grip. It’s also very comfortable to hold between my legs as well so that I could use it almost hands-free other than to adjust the speed.

Dame Com and its Rumble

When turning on the Com wand, the vibrations are very low, with a deep and gentle rumble. Using the end of the button with the raised part, you scroll through the speeds. And you can press the power button to change up patterns. Because they are near the bottom of the wand handle, they are easy to find while in use. I found that while the head is small, that does not hinder the spread of the vibrations as you turn the wand up. Only near the highest speeds did I start to feel like the vibrations got buzzy at all. And even then, it wasn’t to the point that it felt painful or irritating. 

Because of the rumble, I found myself enjoying the sensations of a few of the patterns. Mainly the more wavy patterns, rather than the ones that were very sharp in their timing. Using them was lovely for warming up for higher settings of the constant vibration. As well as edging myself to draw out my usage. Taking my time and just enjoyed things at my own pace, not pulling myself too far away from the sensations of the wand. Having two and a half hours was a blessing for that because I could really focus on what kind of pleasure I wanted to experience. It was the perfect combination of pleasure and self-care. 

Overall Thoughts

In my opinion, the Dame Com is the wand that you want to reach for when you are looking to pamper yourself or a partner. The gentle but deep vibrations are great for working up with a slow masturbation session or to warm up for more heated play. A great wand for people who want something that isn’t going to overwhelm them and that they can easily control. Also extremely accessible for many bodies and ability types to use. I also think that this can be a great beginner wand for someone who is looking for a high-end wand.

You can get the Dame Com from Vibed for $150.00! Using the code WITCH20 will get you 20% off the price, and free shipping! Comes with the choice of a pastel blue or a blush pink color.

Thank you Vibed for sending me the Dame Com in exchange for this unbiased review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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