Review: Magic Wand Original

Review: Magic Wand Original

What can be said about the Original Magic Wand, which was once known as the Hitachi be said that has not been said before? 

This massager can be used anywhere on the body.  There are of course attachments that can be gotten in tandem with the magic wand that will allow you to use it internally as well. It is rather large and heavy, so most find it good for solo play. It also works well with a partner as well. The Orignal Magic Wand is very versatile. However, there are attachments that can slip over the head, allowing for insertion. But when it comes to power, this is one of the top toys. 

Original Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand is not one of those toys that only stands out. If you know what it can be used for. It is rather plain-looking with just white, silver and blue colors to it. The total length is 12″ from the top of the head to where the cord starts. The cord itself is 72″ long so you have quite a bit to move around and play with. The Original Magic Wand has a long plastic handle and a head made of plush rubber materials. Because it is made of rubber it is very porous. So a cover of some kind is good if you are using it with partners. 

There are attachments made of silicone that slip over the head. While the head is textured it doesn’t add any extra stimulation. The handle is very smooth and straight, with no real area to hold in your hand. The controls are on the handle and have three settings high, low and off.

To use the magic wand you need to find an outlet, it is only powered by electricity. Once it is plugged in you only have to flip the switch up for high and down for low. To turn it off you just have to set the switch back to center.

Even on its lowest setting, the vibrations of the Magic Wand is powerful. This is one of those toys that go to 11. For those who need only moderate vibrations. You might find yourself going numb. But those that love power will adore it. The sound is very loud, however. It can easily be heard no matter how you are trying to cover it up. 

Oh Oh Oh It’s Magic

Okay so now that I have gone over most of the details that you need to know about the Magic Wand, what is my take on it personally? I thought that I had a clit of steel before this, normally needing to put most of my vibrators on HIGH before I could feel something. With the Original Magic Wand, even on low, I am a happy camper, but when I switch over to high I can get off in seconds. It does not hold back and does just what I need it to do. Though I can only really go for a few in a row before I start to feel overly sensitive. So I try to use a buffer of some kind if I am looking for a longer play time and not just immediate gratification.

That and it is loud, so it is not my go-to toy when the roommates are home as I don’t choose to advertise when I am getting off. But when I have the time alone this is the toy that happily grabs first.  Overall, if you are seeking power in your play then The Original Magic Wand is the one to go for. There is a reason it is loved by many for more than just getting rid of aching muscles.

You can get it of course at Good Vibes here

The Original Magic Wand provided in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you again Good Vibrations!

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