Pomi Mini-Wand – Review

Pomi Mini-Wand – Review

Mini wands tend to be hit or miss for me when it comes down to how I feel about them. When I heard that Honey Play Box’s Pomi is powerful and that no vibrations are felt in the handle? Well, you have my entire attention. So let’s break down the stats first, and then we can see how it all worked out in the end.

Pomi Stats

The Pomi is a mini wand vibrator from Honey Play Box. It is made out of silicone and ABS plastic. The wand has been designed with powerful vibrations. It can be used all over the body, but was made for clitoral simulations specifically. So specifically that they took the time to make the Pomi in a way. So that no vibration travels into the wand handle. 

The design overall is rather elegant with a round lollipop shaped wand top and rounded handle. One button controls the wand. Holding it down for three seconds to turn it on and doing the same to turn it off. Then using the same button you can switch between the 10 vibration modes, three different speeds and 7 different pattern settings. It is charged via a magnetic USB cable. Taking about two hours to charge while giving you one hour of use. 


Length: 6.93 inches

Head Width: 1.85 inches

Body Width: 1.85 inches

So What Did I Think?

Sometimes, powerful toys can be a lot for my hands to handle. Due to the chronic pain in my hands, vibrations can be overpowering. Making my fingers and wrists hard to use. I am always on the lookout for toys that aren’t going to cause a flare up during or after use. When Honey Play Box reached out to me about reviewing the Pomi wand, the claim that the vibrations wouldn’t go into the handle intrigued me. I was genuinely excited that this was a big feature for the toy. I honestly wish it was something more companies cared about. It would be a big win for those of us who have hand issues.

When my package with the Pomi inside arrived, I opened it up as soon as I had the chance. Putting it on the charger, I was a little miffed about the 2-hour charge time. So many toys spoil me for quick charging. But, as soon as the light stopped blinking, I had the wand in my hand. When I turned it on, I was very pleased with the results. The vibrations do not go into the majority of the handle. There are some at the very top where the head of the wand is connected. Even on low, the vibrations are incredibly powerful, so I was very pleased. Even as I turned it up to high, my hand stayed vibration-free as I held on. I was already impressed that it held up both to the power and muted vibrations. 

Pomi In Use

When it comes to power, the Pomi packs a punch for such a small wand. I found it comparable to the Magic Wand Mini, powerful and rumbly. It felt good to use over the whole body, even working out some tension in my neck and jaw. The handle is comfortable to hold, and not just because of the muted vibrations. The easy shape and slick ABS plastic feels comfortable in the hand. Being cool to touch even with the motor going so hard. 

When it came to using it for clitoral stimulation, I found myself having to be gentle with the application. During the first testing, I was only able to really handle the low setting. Playing with pressure and position, I found that the vibrations went deep. This was true even when one was only really holding it against the labia without letting any of the vibration get to the clitoris. 

Pomi Pop

I found the round shape of the head to be a perfect fit to settle between the labia so that it could rest there while focusing on direct clitoral stimulation. The only downside I really found in this position was when I had it settled just how I needed it. I was only holding onto perhaps an inch of the wand handle in total, pinching it between my fingers in a claw-grabber formation. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just a little unwieldy and took some getting used to. Though it did make me wish for a couple extra inches just so that I could really grab hold the way I wanted to. 

Even with that small downside, I couldn’t stop using the Pomi almost every time I reached for a toy outside of testing it specifically. When I found what worked best for me, it was like it was perfectly tailored to pleasure my needs. I was excited to use the toy as often as I could – which is a big thing when I have so many toys that I could grab at any given time. 

Overall Thoughts

The Pomi is a great mini wand that lives up to its own hype and standards which I really like to see in the manufacturing and presentation of a sex toy. Nothing is worse than getting something and it being the exact opposite of what a company is telling you it will do. And while the only downside for me was its size, I honestly think that if Honey Play Box ever had a full size wand version of the Pomi, it would be spectacular.

You can get the Pomi from Honey Play Box for $59.99.

Thank you to Honey Play Box for sending me the Pomi in exchange for this unbiased review. All thoughts and writing are my own.

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