Review: Njoy Pure Plug

Review: Njoy Pure Plug

The Njoy Pure Plug has been a part of my collection of toys for years now. It was actually one of the first toys that I really splurged on for myself. Next, to glass, steel is hands down my favorite material for sex toys. For me, the thing I love is the weight and pressure the material allows.

Pure Plug

Starting from the bottom up, the Pure Plug’s design is made to fit anyone’s body type. The base is a thin vertical oval shape that also serves as the retrieval ring. Once inside it sits perfectly between your cheeks so that you can wear this plug for a good while. There is a good weighty feel to it as well, as this is 1lbs of steel. So you will always feel that it is there, but it doesn’t pull itself from your body. The curved end is angled so that you can choose to stimulate the prostate/g-spot or angle it down. Either way, it stays in and provides a great full feeling. I found that it stayed in place while doing a number of activities without the least bit of discomfort.

The head is tapered, starting out bigger and then getting smaller towards the base to the small neck.  The texture is super smooth, which makes it easy to insert.

How Did it Work For me?

The first thing I enjoyed about the Pure Plug was the length of use. The size was just right, to quote a particular fairy tale. This plug did not leave me with a feeling that I wanted to get it out quickly. Nor that the base was digging into me. Which gave it a big plus in my book. I have very round cheeks, so rounded or very flared bases never allowed the toy to sit right no matter what I was doing. This one I am able to do just about anything with the toy inserted.  The performance of the Pure Plug, exceeded my expectations and it’s just amazing.

I keep my plug in the box because it just works perfectly for storage, fitting nicely inside the drawer I keep all my toys or under my bed when I need to reach it quickly. I also like it because it keeps it from rolling around and coming in contact with say my glass toys, as I am pretty sure if they hit hard enough it could chip them.

Overall, I was super pleased with this plug. The price point is high. Though because it is steel, this toy will last. So really it ends up paying for itself in how long it will stay in your collection. At least until moving on to the Pure Plug Large. Also, it’s easy to use and looks great on top of it.

You can get the Pure Plug many places, below are links to my favorite vendors who carry them! So you can choose which one you would love to go with!

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