Review: Crystal Heart of Glass

Review: Crystal Heart of Glass

Glass toys, they are a lovely body safe treat. They have simple designs and are often discreet. Their shapes tending to be nonphallic as well. So they make for great toys for everyone. Plus most of the time you don’t have to break the bank to own one, many coming in at under $50. Though I was lucky to find that Shevibe carries1 one for under $30, the Crystal Heart of Glass.

Crystal Heart of Glass

The Crystal Heart of Glass is a simple toy made of handblown glass. Coming in at 8″ total it has a smooth three bulb design that is meant to stimulate the G-spot. Atop it, sits a lovely pink heart on its thin base for a handle. It comes with a decorative holder. That while made of plastic allows the toy to be just a little more discreet. If you so choose to keep it out.

Heated or cooled depending on your tastes, it allows for different sensations no matter where you may choose to use it. The base is wide enough that it can be used as an anal toy. Though the glass has no give and the design is very straight with no curve to it.

Once I had a love and it was divine

When it came time to use the Crystal Heart of Glass. I forgot one very important thing. Let it warm up first. Let me tell you. Sitting next to an open window, this toy saps up cold. Even in the holder. The holder also holds on tightly to it. I found that the holder created almost a vacuum around the toy. Because I don’t need the holder, I have at this point mostly stopped using it.

Now after it warmed up under my blankets, using it was a dream. The simple design allowed me to just enjoy the feeling. The slightly graduated bulbs stimulating my g-spot nicely. Though not quite hitting them correctly. Even sitting up it was missing something for me to have a g-spot orgasm. For my body shape that was a curve. The Crystal Heart of Glass is too rigid.

This wasn’t to say I did not enjoy using the Crystal Heart of Glass. For me, it actually turned out being an amazing warm-up toy. I was craving a g-spot orgasm after using so badly I whipped out another toy with the right amount of curve to have it. It was almost like g-spot edging. It was honestly magical.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (or Wallet)

As mentioned above, the biggest factor of this toy for me was its price. The Crystal Heart of Glass is a well-made glass toy, that is under $30. It honestly looks like it could cost more than that. But it is proof that you can get really great body safe toys, at a reasonable price.

Overall, I really loved the Crystal Heart of Glass. Thank you to Shevibe for sending it out to me in exchange for this unbiased and honest review.

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