Review: Mag-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Review: Mag-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps

As someone who has sensitive nipples, I love a good pair of clamps. Not only do they just turn up my sensitivity but they can be extremely sexy looking as well. Because my nipples are fairly large I tend to stick to the more alligator kind of clamp. Or even just a simple pair of clothespins. So the idea of the Magi-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps when I saw them on Naughty Betty‘s intrigued me.

Magi-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps clipped together

Magi-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps

The Magi-point clamps come as two separate items, though they are attracted to one another via the magnet wrapped inside the nickel-free aluminum alloy. They have a small bit of a lip where the round magnet settles into. The finish being gunmetal and the tapered design is meant to make it look like a piercing. Because they come apart so easily they suggest using it on more than just your nipples. As you could also have them clamp on to your labia or other fleshy parts that you can get the magnets to connect through. Each magnet side is .7 inches in length, .47 inches in diameter.

The kit also comes with a fairly standard cock ring. I gave it a flame test and it went up in very stinky flames. Meaning the material was likely not body-safe. So I did not use it in my review.

So What Did I Think

The Magi-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps have rather basic magnets in them. More powerful than a thin fridge magnet. But not as powerful as say those magnetic sculpture balls. I wish they were closer to the latter, because then maybe they would have stayed on me. Every time I tried to get them onto me. The magnets would pull their way up over my nipple and detach. No matter how far back. My nipple was just too much.

I couldn’t even get it to attach to my labia. There was just too much flesh between the magnetic points for them to find the other pole. So these sadly would not be ones I could use. I made many attempts but after a lot of frustration, they got put to the side. I also wish that they came with any sort of storage. But they do not. Thankfully I had a very small cloth bag I can keep them in. Though I am not sure they will ever come out of the drawer they have been put away in.

Magnets on the inside

Overall Thoughts

I am not sure who the Magi-points Magnetic Nipple Clamps, would work for. But being a plus-sized large breast and large nipple user I was not the intended audience for these accessories. Maybe someone with smaller breasts and smaller nipples? I am not quite sure.

But if you think that they may work for your shape, you can get them at Naughty Betty‘s for $34.95.

Thank you Naughty Betty’s for sending me this product in exchange for this review.

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