Making Your Own Orgasmic Full Moon Ritual

Making Your Own Orgasmic Full Moon Ritual

When it comes to my craft, sexuality and masturbation are always mixed in with them. I have written about how important a connection my pleasure and spirituality are. One of the times I bring them together is during the full moon. A time when there is a lot of power to put towards intentions.

With this post, it is my hope to help you be able to put together your own rituals. That will revolve around using sex and pleasure as part of your spell. Also, I want to say that this is not something you have to do every month. Do it when it feels right for you throughout the whole experience.

Why During The Full Moon?

Full moons are great for new beginnings, completion, celebration. As well as releasing and shedding of the old, to pave way for a whole new cycle.

An important thing you need to know about the power of the full moon ritual is that it utilizes four elements of spiritual practice: willpower, intention, symbolism, and ritual. These four can have an electric and intense impact. The whole point of a full moon ritual is to generate deep change. By doing a full moon ritual, you are petitioning and preparing yourself for transformation in the places that you shape your intentions to bring that transformation to.

Shape your intention

A great place to start with this is knowing what you want to achieve with this spell. Think about where you want this energy to go. What you want to focus on. This could be something personal. Or a larger thing you want to give your energy to. I also like to take a look at astrology for what sign the moon is in. Or even the farmer’s almanac for what the name of the full moon is. As it helps me focus my intentions and I feel gives more power towards your ritual.

I like to write my intentions down in a journal. Though sometimes I write things down on paper because it is being destroyed as part of the ritual.

Prepare some symbolic objects

Tarot cards, candles, writing, and pictures. Things that help you focus on your intentions. Because I am able to burn incense I always have some lit. If you are planning on giving yourself a massage, oils related to your ritual are also great to have. If you are using this full moon ritual to reach out to spirits or deity, offerings based on their correspondences are also a good thing to gather. These are all personal things and it can always vary for each person.

I like to set these things upon an altar or on my bedside table. Even if you don’t have a permanent altar. It is okay to have one that you just put up for the ritual. Your altar is a place to focus your self and your intentions.

Create a sacred space

This could be any place you are able to safely do sexual things with all parties consenting to it happening. I tend to perform my rituals in my room most of the time. But I have used my bathroom in the past because I really wanted to have the element of water surrounding me. Again this is a time to think about intention.

Then set things up! This is your space and you set it the right way for your ritual. I love setting up things like my LED lights to make my room a particular color depending on the ritual. Though things like a simple white are also good. If your space allows set up under your window where you can see the moon and take in the light.

Also, this is the time to grab the things you need to get off! It is your choice how you choose to masturbate. There is no wrong way to do it! But there are some fun ways to add a witchy twist!

  • Choose a toy that is color correspondent with your ritual. Looking for abundance use green, love1 use pinks or reds! Check out more here.
  • Another toy tip! Set them out in a place that gets moonlight through it. Let the full moon energize your toy.
  • Love to masturbate watching porn? No problem either. I highly suggest the sex magic scenes from Crashpad.
  • Pick some erotica to read that match the energy you want to give to your ritual.
  • Focusing on self-love? Set up a mirror to watch yourself as you get off so that you can see the pleasure you can bring to yourself.
  • Put together a playlist of music that puts you in the mood!

Perform your ritual

For your ritual, this is a personal thing. Just like everyone masturbates differently, so do they with performing a ritual. You can speak, you can be silent, it is all up to you in the end. To give a personal example, when I set intentions I tend to speak them aloud. Putting the words into the air even if I am the only one to hear them. Though there are some times when all I want to do is write my words out to burn them. Focusing on the flames as I feel the energy starting to build in my body. Then when the time is right, I settle in to get off.

Personally I like to start with meditation, taking time to feel my whole body. I will sometimes perform a sort of body scan to see how each part of me feels. Does a certain spot crave touch and attention? Focus there. Take your time with it and your body. Let the energy rise in you and around you. Keep your intentions in mind as you enjoy yourself. Letting your energy out with your orgasm.

Symbolically close your ritual

Snuff your candles. Thank your spirits. Whatever you do to show that your ritual is complete, after your own completion. This is also a time to make sure that you have things for yourself after. Food, water, even taking a bath. Even witchcraft calls for aftercare!

All Wrapped Up

There you have it! All the steps you need to create your own orgasmic full moon ritual. I know I have said it many times, but do what feels right to you at the moment. These things I find work even better when you can personalize them to you.

Have you performed your own full moon ritual in the past? Any tips you want to give other readers? Share in the comments below!

  1. Do not do love spells on other people. That is 100% non-consensual! Seriously don’t. Self Love, fine. To bring love into your life? Also good. But never targeted.

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