Review: Dr. Manhattan from Uberrime

Review: Dr. Manhattan from Uberrime

Many toys have been made as tributes to comic book characters. But none stood out to me quite like Dr. Manhattan made by Uberrime.

Dr. Manhattan is a fictional character from the DC comic series The Watchmen; a nuclear physicist who was transformed into one of the most supreme beings IN DC Comics. In the comics he is seen rarely wearing clothes, Dr. Manhattan has blue, silvery colored skin and radiates a blue glow. As an homage to him, this toy looks rather close and is a Shevibe exclusive.

Dr. Manhattan in Orignal Colors (Credit: Shevibe)

Dr. Manhattan

The first thing you notice about Dr. Manhattan is how big and blue it is. Coming in at 8.75 inches in length. The head, mid-shaft, and base shaft all having a different circumference. There is no denying this is a very thick toy.

  • Head circumference: 5.75 inches, diameter: 1.83 inches
  • Mid-shaft circumference: 5 inches, diameter: 1.59 inches at the widest point
  • Base shaft circumference: 5.66 inches, diameter: 1.8 inches at the widest point

Made out of smooth silicone, Dr. Manhattan has a blue finish with slivery swirls. A glow in the dark additive gives it that final touch. Causing it to give off a blue glow after it has been put under light and in a dim room. The density is a nice squish to it but is still firm in the middle. This toy is harness compatible as it has a flared base.

Signature Uberrime Swirl

So what did I think?

Note about my Dr. Manhattan! You will notice that it is different from what is offered by Shevibe. Mine was custom colored by Marco at Uberrime to match my blog colors. A thing that has given me great joy whenever I look at.

One of the first things I noted holding Dr. Manhattan in my hands was the girth. It is a thick and long toy. Which meant that it was going to be easy for me to use on its own. But was going to take some warming up before using it. Armed with a couple of smaller toys and one of my wands I settled in. A few orgasms in I finally decided it was time.

The ridge of the head goes in with an almost pop-like feel. Giving me pause to catch my breath before taking it any deeper. The flexibility of the toy, however, allowed me to give it just enough of a curve that the ridges slid along my g-spot easily. The squish of the head when thrust against my cervix felt delightful. The gentle ridges and bumps along the shaft gave it a gentle texture. With the small base, I was able to hold on while I worked myself up to an amazing orgasm.

The Dr. Manhattan resting in the Rainbow Inclusion Harness on a simple gray backdrop
Dr. Manhattan in the Inclusion Rainbow Harness (Credit: Instagram)

With A Harness

Dr. Manhattan is harness compatible. What I love about it being harness compatible is the size. Because of the length I can grab and control the toy easily. Being a plus-sized bodied person with a larger stomach smaller toys tend to get in the way. So having that extra length in a toy helps out a lot.

The only downside I found was the squish. Now, this is only a downside if you prefer your toys to have a stiffness to them. I am not personally but others I know like a toy that stands at attention on its own.

One Last Thing

I only have one other main thought on Dr. Manhattan. Oh, my gods. I really enjoy wrapping my lips around it. This toy is just amazing for simulated blowjobs. As someone with an oral fixation, I am mesmerized by it. From the texture of the silicone to the way the ridges feel on my tongue. I cannot help but put this toy in my mouth.

The Dr. Manhattan Dildo sitting atop a white windowsill.

Overall Thoughts

For me, Dr. Manhattan is one I think I am going to enjoy for a long time. Perhaps not an all the time toy for me because building up to it can take a while. But when I want a long session I will reach for it. I especially recommend this for anyone who is plus-sized the length is worth it.

Dr. Manhattan is exclusively sold by Shevibe for 149.99. It should be noted that this toy has been updated from this particular model than shown in this review.

Thank you Uberrime for sending me this toy without an obligation to review. I just really loved this toy a lot and had to share it with the world. All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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