Review: Inclusion Rainbow Harness

Review: Inclusion Rainbow Harness

Sometimes a toy or accessory fits a need. In the case of the Inclusion Rainbow Harness, it goes towards a need. Activist Teacher makes each of their harnesses by hand. With the proceeds going towards LGBTQ education in rural Ontario. After the government announced last year they would be using outdated material from 1998. Which does not include gender identity or LGBTQ issues. The proceeds go towards Alex being able to travel to teach at universities. Most importantly educating both teachers and students on trans and queer needs.

Thanks to Early to Bed, I was able to review the Inclusion Rainbow Harness. Not only to bring awareness to this issue but also to tell you how it is as of course a harness.

Rainbow inclusion harness on a slim human body wearing a black top and leggings.
Inclusion Rainbow Harness Being Worn (Credit: ActivistTeacher)

Inclusion Rainbow Harness

The Inclusion Rainbow Harness made using rainbow-colored polypro webbing, which is almost like nylon in texture. Polypro is flexible waterproof, and lightweight with tensile strengths between 600-1000 pounds, depending on the width and the manufacturer. The design of the harness allows adjustment via the triglide locks. On either side of the hips and on the lower half for the legs. Small fits up to 54″ and Large fits up to 65″

The O-Ring is held on via snap buttons and that is made of nickel. It allows you to switch out the ring. The ring itself is 1.5″ in diameter so it will accommodate dildos with flat bases, balls, and even many double dildos.

Care and Cleaning

Taking care of the Inclusion Rainbow Harness is simple. You can just wash it as you would any of your other delicates. Handwashing or in the machine. My suggestion is to of course remove the o-ring before washing. Also, put it into a mesh bag or pillowcase. This will prevent clinking sound. As well as it getting tangled up in your other delicates in the washer.

What Did I Think?

Truth be told, this was my first experience with a harness of my own. While I certainly have been interested. Finding ones that I felt would fit my size proved rather hard. The Inclusion Rainbow Harness I felt confident that it would fit. Thanks in part to how many inches the Large goes up to. It fits my waist and has room to spare. To give you an idea I tend to wear 2x to 3x bottoms depending on cut and style.

When actually wearing the harness, I wore at least a pair of boy shorts on under them. While softer than nylon, the webbing still has to my skin a slightly scratchy texture. It also gave the harness something to grab against so it didn’t slide too much during wear. Also, a word to the wise, be careful when pulling to tighten the straps. I happened to pop one of the stitches on mine. Thankfully, I am handy with sewing and was able to settle it back together.

Inclusion Rainbow Harness with a large purple and green dildo through the ORing
Inclusion Rainbow Harness with the Dr. Manhatten from Uberrime

Ring Around The Dildo

When it comes to what dildo to use, that is more of what feels right for you and your partner. Though I have a few notes on what felt right to me. You can use this to help narrow down what you are looking for!

  • The Ring supports any toy 1.5 inches in girth. 1.75 inches was a squeeze and anything below 1.25 felt slightly loose.
  • If you want to get a dildo thicker than that through the ring. Check out this video!
  • Dildos with more squish had far more flexibility.
  • Firmer dildos felt much sturdier in the harness.
  • Dildos with bases offered much more padding between my pelvis and the toy.
  • If you have a smaller base or bigger toy, change out rings!

Every dildo and everybody is different. But I feel like the Inclusion Rainbow Harness helps in being a simple harness. Being able to fit most bodies gives you one less thing to hem and haw over. With the price also being under $30 dollars, it is great for anyone on a budget.

Overall Thoughts

For a simple, easy to use, plus-sized harness I am so happy that my first was the Inclusion Rainbow Harness. If you are looking for your first, I genuinely believe this is one to get. Not only will you get a quality easy to care for harness. You will be giving back to LGBTQ youths and teachers which is the most important thing.

Thank you Early to Bed for giving me a chance to review this harness and to bring attention to this cause.

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