Unique Toys to Add to Your Toybox

Unique Toys to Add to Your Toybox

There are so many toys out in the world today. From your basic dildos to vibrators, and beyond. New tech is always popping up with air pressure clitoral toys or lightweight thrusting toys! But what are some truly unique toys out there? I have taken a look and found a few very unique items that are carried both online and in many sex shops.

Photo by Steve Barker on Unsplash

Body Molding Kits

Kits are I think one of the most unique toys that one can have. You can get one to mold into partners’ gentiles by following the directions. Which makes is a one of a kind toy that only matches one other person in the world. While it is often sold as a ‘couples toy’ which is not only perfect for couples together, but also long-distance lovers. But can be a fun item for sex workers! A fan being able to send their favorite clip maker a replica of themselves? It is a unique item all around!

Clone a Willy is the premier maker of the Body Molding Kits, and they are so easy to use! My favorite thing is you can get them in different colors and not just stick with flesh tones with the Clone a Willy. I sometimes am curious if you can mix the colors for an even more unique looking toy.

The Vibese an app controlled toy

App/Bluetooth Controlled Toys

These days, there are app-controlled toys in all shapes and sizes. From wands to butt plugs. Even The Cowgirl can be controlled via an app! These allow not only for play and pleasure on the go. But another unique toy for partners who might be long distance. I also love a lot of these for solo toys! Though many of the apps you can set your preferred pattern or settings, making it a toy that you could control mostly hands-free. Many of them you can even set to work with music or audio files so that you can go 100% hands-free. Also, some of them easily link up with many cam sites for sex workers to be able to have fun with their viewers!

Double Ended Dildos

Having recently fallen in love with double-ended dildos, I find them a very unique addition to my toy box. Solo or with a partner they can be used to get deep thrusts. Or in the case of many steel or glass double-ended toys, you are getting two different kinds of stimulation with either side being shaped differently. I find that they really allow you to be able to find the perfect thrust when you have so much toy to work with. They are a unique experience and almost like getting two toys in one.

There are always interesting toys and accessories that you can add to your sex toy collection. You never know what you are going to find when you are looking through your favorite shop. Have you tried any of the suggested? Or are there interesting things that I might have missed? Share in the comments what toys you find unique!

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