CrashPadSeries 337: Ember Fiéra & Ramses Rodstein

CrashPadSeries 337: Ember Fiéra & Ramses Rodstein

“Things heat up quick when Ember Fiéra kindles Ramses Rodstein’s desire. After sucking his cock, Fiéra fucks Ramses with a rose quartz crystal. The passionate, playful pair then switch between going down on each other, rimming, and finger-fucking (with a little bit of spanking and lots of making out). The chemistry Ramses and Ember share has certainly set MY heart ablaze!”

– Keymaster

This was my first #SexEdPornReview live-tweeting of the year, and it started off strong with CrashPad Series Episode 337. Featuring Ember Fiéra (she/her) @EmberFiera and Ramses Rodstein (he/they) @RamsesRodstein

From the description of this video, I cannot wait to see how hot it gets between Ember and Ramses. So let us hop right in and start up this scene! Don’t forget, Crash Pad episodes are closed captioned. This is not only amazing for watchers who are hard of hearing but it is also great for watchers like myself who have some audio processing issues. The captions help me process what I am hearing better.

The start of another fiery CrashPadSeries Episode. Ramses kissing Ember's neck from behind.
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While I love a good set-up, I also adore it when a scene just jumps right in. And the fact that we start with neck kisses. If you have read my live tweets before, we all know I am a slut for kissing in scenes. Just so you know, I am only about 3ish minutes in, and I am already mesmerized by the chemistry between Ember and Ramses. So much so that I only just now realized I had it muted. Yay for captions, just as I said!

Crystal Love

“It’s good for Self Love…or whatever…” 

I love confirmation that a partner is cool with doing something by asking first. In this case, it is asked before getting out the rose quartz dildo to use on Ramses. Which looks to be the Heart Rose Quartz from Chakrubs. For just a bit of witchy knowledge: Rose Quartz’s healing qualities are said to purify and open the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace.

But let’s take a moment to talk about using Crystal dildos! Is it safe?


Some stones are non-porous. This includes Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Obsidian to name a few. But you still have to be careful if the crystal chip or cracks. So it comes recommended to use a condom over them while in play. Crystal Dildos are also harder toys; like the density of metal with the lightness of a glass toy. So you want to be careful using them as going hard can cause pain for some people. I also recommend using a water-based lubricant with Crystal toys. Though they are slicker and have less drag, pain can still happen and it’s best to just lube it up beforehand! 

Now back to the scene! This scene is just so hot. The chemistry, the communication, and of course the amazing sex. It all makes this scene literally sizzle. Ramses takes his time with foreplay by kissing and licking all over her body. The giggling and playfulness when a ticklish spot is found.

Toys Are Your Allies

Ember has now shown curiosity about how a different toy on the bed works. This time it is an air pulse toy, specifically the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Pressure Wave Rechargeable. Ramses shows her how to use it on him before he asks her to use her fingers on him. 

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I love seeing the wonderful representation of sex toys being something that adds to your experience. That they can be used in conjunction with things you are already normally doing with a partner to heighten the experience. Our bodies get tired, but a toy keeps going until the batteries or charge wears out. Also, in this case, being able to use the suction toy and fingers leaves your mouth free. This gives you the ability to communicate with your partner openly and easily. 

Though it is hard to write when you are so drawn to a scene and its performers. As someone who is aroused by auditory sounds, Ramses’ moans are some of the best. Especially so when Ember is going down on him. Ember’s are also top-notch. I could listen only to the audio of this scene and still enjoy every moment of it. 

I won’t spoil the ending so you can experience it for yourself. But this has been 19 minutes of absolute scorching pleasure from the CrashPadSeries. Once again, they have knocked it out of the park for me.

And that wraps up this #SexEdPornReview! Thank you to CrashPadSeries, Ember Fiéra, and Ramses Rodstein for such a fiery scene

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