Favorite Maker of 2019

Favorite Maker of 2019

When it comes to sex toys, there are a lot of big names out there. But I want to take a moment and fawn over some of my favorites who are smaller. The makers who hand-pour each of their toys. Come up with amazing ideas for their dildos!

I have had the luck this year of not only reviewing but owning more toys this year made by independent makers. But one stood out to me the most this year.

Uberrime Handmade Dildos

I am not the only blogger who has put Uberrime either on their list of favorite toys or just outright as number one. For me, it was not just the quality of the toys that Uberrime put out. But the wonderful person that is Marco who runs Uberrime. Every time I have messaged him it has always been a delight. Even before I ever talked with him. Having each of my toys come with a signed card from him made me know the care put into each toy.

The Toys

This year I got to try a number of Uberrime creations and review them.

Dragon Claw Tango Sleeve

This one I bought on my own, so while it has not gotten a full review. I raved about it on my twitter one afternoon. I love my Tango, but sometimes the vibrations are too much. The Dragon Claw sleeve provides an amazing textured buffer. As well as some added length, so I can even insert the toy with ease and not feel like I will lose it. Honestly, I just need more sleeves for vibrators.

The Dr. Manhattan was a favorite from the moment I saw it in my DMs. Marco made this one using colors from my blog. Having a toy that is unique like this. Is something I have always dreamed of honestly. Also, it is a favorite to use as a harness toy. This toy stays in my bedside table at all times and also just looks amazing in pictures.

Looking Ahead

Marco is always coming up with new designs! In 2019 he came out with more than I could keep up with. Though I am excited to try his dual density Bella at some point down the line. And then there is the brand new just out before the end of the year Praesto, the curve on it looks intense! As someone who has a love of G-spot orgasms it is high on my list! I also have Helio in my possession that is just waiting for me to write the review on after refreshing my memory on it!

I am so excited to see what more comes down the line from Uberrime this next year. From interesting pours to new designs there is always something to look out for.

Thank you, Uberrime for making such amazing toys this year.

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