Review: Fun Factory Volta

Review: Fun Factory Volta

The shape that is chosen for some toys, can be odd. They will confuse me, often making me shy away from them. The Volta by Fun Factory was one of those toys from the start. Having tried toys with splits down them in the past, I was hesitant. It seemed almost like the beak of some freshwater bird I had seen in the past. My curiosity, however, would not be sated until I tried it.

First Impressions Aren’t Always the Best

Taking the Volta out of the box, I played with the toy just in my hands. The vibrations strong, the tips wiggling at enough speed to make my nose tingle. The split firmer than I also thought it would be. Though with my buried clit I was certain that this would be muffled on use. However, I did gush to my housemates about how Fun Factory had made their controls lockable. A perfect thing to have when traveling, but not enough to make me excited to put this on my body.

So I set it to charge and promptly forgot about it for a week or so. Like an ass.


Things Take a Volta


One might think, Meg, you have so many toys! You always will have one to use. Which is true, but not correct. However, I suck at charging my toys in the first place. Also, in the middle of masturbation, I don’t want to go rifling around for what will and won’t work. When I recently found myself in that spot, all I had to turn to was the Volta. It was charged, it was ready. But was I?

I had to be, I didn’t want to use my hand that day. So I grabbed it, slipped some lube between the split, and settled in.

When my first orgasm hit me, it surprised me. I had just pressed the harder ridge above my clit, the split slipping between my lips. The two different feelings causing the reaction as the vibration seemed to reach all spots. Almost like using a wand, but without as much pressure. It allowed the rumbling sensation to travel through all of me, rather than pinpoint just on my clit. Sliding it up and down between my lips also felt really good, in a slightly like oral stimulation kind of way.

Overall Thoughts

It is so easy to judge a book by its cover, or in this case a vibrator by its shape. In this case, I was super wrong about how the Volta would work for me. I have been surprised in the past, and it always allows me to learn more about my body. I think that this is a shape that could seriously work for a lot of people, no matter their parts. It is also suggested that you can use it as a stroker. Also, this is just as fantastic in the shower and tub as it is waterproof! I am glad I took a chance on the Volta. You can find it on Shevibe for $139.99.

If you aren’t a fan of the pink, it comes in black, teal, and jewel tone blue. You can find the Volta and other Fun Factory toys at

Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the Volta by Fun Factory in exchange for this review. All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

  1. Channeling my inner Arron Burr here.
  2. Volta is an Italian Word for Turn. Often used in poetry.

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