Review: Icicles No. 67 Clear Glass Anal Beads

Review: Icicles No. 67 Clear Glass Anal Beads

So when Vibed reached out for reviews, I reached out for the Icicles No. 67 Clear Glass Anal Beads! As a total newbie to anal beads of any kind. I thought it would be a good chance to try something new! It was time to branch out. Trying new things and testing toys that I wouldn’t normally try.

Icicles No. 67 sitting on a black background.

Icicles No. 67 Clear Glass Anal Beads Stats

The Icicles No. 67 is a sleekly tapered handcrafted borosilicate glass anal bead toy. They gradually increase in thickness as they get towards the wide ring at the base. The ring allows for ease of not only insertion but keeps the wand from going too far inside. The glass is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime. You can run Icicles No. 67 under warm water to heat it up. Or to chill it under cold water for a cool sensation. It will retain the temperature easily.

Because the toy is glass, you can use whatever your preferred lubrication. Clean up is also easy by just using soap and water. You can also run it through the dishwasher if you want to sanitize it.

Icicles No. 67 Measurements

  • Length: 8.25″
  • Width: 1.37″
  • Height: 1.37″
  • Girth: 4.304″
  • Diameter: 1.3698″
  • Insertable Length: 6.5″
  • Approximate Width – Widest Point: 1.5 inches
Icicles No. 67 base ring

So What Did I Think?

Anal beads are a sex toy that I have seriously wanted to try for a long time. Though I found myself very intimidated by many designs. However, the tapered design of Icicles No. 67 caught my eye when I was browsing Vibed and so quickly picked it out to review. Getting it out of the box and into my hands only solidified that I had picked out the right toy to start my anal bead journey with. The very tip of the taper starts at no bigger than my pinky and the biggest bead is only just a little bigger than my thumb. As someone who can be in pain during anal play if I stretch too quickly, I was already in love with the idea of this being a size I was used to.

During use, with my favorite oil-based lubrication, it was happily confirmed. As my fingers looped into the ring base I could easily feel every bump, gently testing the waters with only the first few inches were heavenly. Once I worked myself up to the biggest tapered point, I was actually seconds away from an orgasm. Which for me does happen rarely when I am doing any sort of anal play. The Icicles No. 67 was also the perfect warm-up toy for using right before switching to a plug.

Word of Caution

Like with most glass toys, you can use this for temperature play but it must be stressed not to actually use freezing or boiling water. The skin around the anus is very thin and sensitive so you can cause yourself damage. If your room is cooler than normal, the glass is going to have an already cold feeling. To warm it up just run it under some slightly warmer water or I like to tuck mine under my pillows to get it to take in some heat.

Not Just For Anal

I also love to use Icicles No. 67 for vaginal penetration as well. The texture and size are very different compared to most dildos. The slightly curved taper teases my gspot and I found it to be a lovely warm-up for a lot of other toys. It eases me into being ready to take just about anything in my toy box which is honestly lovely for longer play sessions.

It is always a lovely reminder that toys don’t always have one use only! Taking the time to play around can find some wonderful ways to make them work for different parts of your body.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a toy anal play that is going to be a great warm-up toy or just a toy for beginners, Icicles No. 67 Clear Glass Anal Beads fit that bill. The sleek glass design fits in any toy box and the ring makes them super safe for anal use.

You can get yours at Vibed for only $23.85, which makes it eligible for free shipping as well. Check out any of my affiliate links throughout this review as it helps to support this blog.

Thank you Vibed for sending me this item in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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