Review: Lush Juna

Review: Lush Juna

Attachments can add or they can detract from a toy. But I cannot help wanting to test out how a toy can multitask or finding attachments that I enjoy. The Lush Juna from Blush Novelties is a 5-in-1 toy that I was offered to review from Betty’s Toy Box and I was excited to review this new line.

Lush Juna with out any of the attachments

Lush Juna Stats

Lush Juna is a pinpoint vibrator with 7 different functions. 2 speeds and 5 patterns. It comes with four silicone attachments, to give you different sensations on different parts of the body. You can also use the Juna without the attachments for very direct and focused stimulation.  The Juna is meant to tease the whole body and is unisex. Meaning it can be used on the clitoris, nipples, even along the shaft of a penis.

It is made from super-smooth silicone that is splashproof meaning you can use it in the shower, but you do not want to submerge it. The toy is USB rechargeable and has a magnetic port. There is some plastic embellishment around the button on the bottom, but for the most part, is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with soap and water, or to sanitize use a bleach/water mixture.


  • 3.75 Inch Length
  • 1.5 Inch Width
  • Attachments 1.5 Inch Length

So What Did I Think?

So first, to talk about what I feel was missing from this toy. As something with attachments. I would have assumed that the Lush Juna would come with a bag. They are rather small and hang out loosely in the packaging. I don’t personally keep the boxes and so trying to keep all of the attachments wrangled was a bit of an undertaking. Thankfully I do have extra pouches, so I was able to find a home for both the toy and its accessories.

On to actually using the Lush Juna! Which I particularly enjoyed! The toy on its own without any of the attachments conveys wonderful vibrations and a pinpoint touch. Though you do have to be delicate with it, too much pressure and it will stop until you let up on it. This can be a little tricky to navigate with the different attachments. As each one evokes a different access point for stimulation.

One of the only other things I took issue with the Lush Juna, was the size. It is so small and compact that it almost feels like it might slip from my hand during use. I also wish it could stand up on its own. When I used it in the shower, it kept wanting to roll off the platforms I would set it on and that is how one accidentally submerges it.

Lush Juna attachments


My favorite attachments, where the bunny ears and side brush. They are just far apart that it easily allows the vibration to spread around the area rather than focus on one point. Allowing for both an interesting feel on the nipples as well as clitoris. It is gentle enough that you can also slowly use it over the penis as well. The only downside was they do slightly hinder the vibration ever so slightly so you may not feel the same power as you would with toy alone.

It was the spoon and the t-shaped brush attachment that I just could not seem to connect with. Both are so top-heavy that I had to use such a light touch with them or risk stopping the vibration entirely. So they got set to the side quickly.

Overall Thoughts

As far as pinpoint toys go, the Lush Juna is not one I can see myself reaching for. There are much more comfortable toys to handle that do the exact job that this one can do. It is certainly a pretty toy, but it just isn’t a practical toy for all the things that it is missing.

If you don’t find yourself in need of a lot of pressure in your pinpoint toys or want to play with sensation it could be an interesting toy to add to your toy box.

The Lush Juna retails for $79.99, and you can get it through any of my affiliate links throughout this review.

Thank you Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Lush Juna in exchange for this unbiased review.

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