Review: Goddess Handle by Tantus

Review: Goddess Handle by Tantus

The Goddess Handle by Tantus is an update on one of Tantus’ Goddess Vibrator, but as you can guess by the name this one comes with a handle that gives it a lot of control. It is a perfect choice for solo or partner play and makes for a fantastic toy to thrust with.

The Goddess Handle while it doesn’t have a flared base it is very long with a handle. So this toy is suitable for anal.  It does have a lot of girths so this is either for those who are experienced with anal play or as a toy to use after warming up with something smaller. The Goddess Handle has just light texture. There are three ridges that flow down the side of the toy. The backside is just smooth. Making this is perfect for those who like just a minimal amount of texture in their toys.

The silicone itself is rather firm, it only has a good amount of bend around the handle. The upper part is firmer and cannot be bent much. Which stays firm when thrusting during penetration, not the same firmness of say a glass toy but it is close.

The head you could say is somewhat phallic shaped, but not too much that it looks realistic. It starts out small at the tip and gets slightly wider at the base. While it tapered, I still found that I needed lubrication for insertion every time because for me it was a slightly girthy and filling toy. There was also a slight bit of drag caused by the silicone so the lubrication helped with that as well. The handle itself has three ridges to hold on to which gives you a really good grip to hold on to without making you have to hold your hand like a claw in a toy machine.


  • Length: 11″
  • Insertable Length: 6 1/2″
  • Handle Length: 4 1/2″
  • Head: 4 2/3″ around
  • Shaft: 4 1/2

It is in no way a discreet toy due to the size and shape, and it can be a little hard to store. Most of my toys fit into the storage bins that I have for them. Which yes, they can all hang out in the same location. It is not dangerous for silicone to touch unless it isn’t made of 100% silicone. 

So What Did I Think?

Now as a plus sized woman, the having the handle on the dildo makes it a lot easier for me to be in a comfortable position such as laying down to use without having to make sure that I am propped in a certain manner to be able to not only hold on to the toy but thrust it in.  This toy and a vibrator for my clit and I am in heaven. I am able to thrust and go as deep or as shallow as I need to. The slight bump to the head while it doesn’t go right for my g-spot can be sort of curved up with the right wrist movement if I am craving that kind of stimulation.

Overall, this is one of my hands down favorite dildos at the moment. Tantus makes some amazing products and with each toy that I try it seems to get put into my normal rotation of toys that I use regularly. You just cannot seem to go wrong with them!

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