Review: Elong by Hünkyjunk

Review: Elong by Hünkyjunk

My journey with nipple toys is a short one. Due to the shape of my chest, many times either nipple clamps won’t attach or won’t stay on. This is sad because I adore nipple stimulation so much. But I had not yet tried nipple suckers! Mostly due to how they are sized and shaped because they tend to be made for smaller nipples or perky breasts. When I saw the Elong wide-based nipple suckers by Hünkyjunk, I took a chance to try something new and see how they worked for my body.

Elong Stats

The Elong is two ridged nipple suckers, made of what Hünkyjunk calls flexTPR which is a flexible rubber and silicone blend. So it feels warm on the skin but has the stretch of rubber for the ability to pull on them. The curve allows for the nipples to pull downward or upward, allowing for more stretch. And the wide base helps to achieve maximum grip.


  • Width: 1.25 – 1.5”
  • Height: 2”
  • Depth: 1”
  • Outer circumference: 3.5 – 4.5”
  • Inner Circumference: 2.5”

So What Did I Think?

One of the first things I love about the Elong nipple suckers is how well they hold. After applying a little bit of lube around the base and getting them on. You can suck to make them stick even more as they pull the nipple into the curved reservoir. The curve also allows you to put them on with the shape of your body in mind. Because my breasts are large and cause my nipples to point downward, I put them on with the curve facing upward. This allows the suckers to stay on during all sorts of activities. From standing still to my chest bouncing during very active play sessions. The Elong did not budge! Pulling and squeezing them only sections them more to the chest which with a stimulating gel or cream can feel amazing. Taking them off causes the nipples to stay hard and pointed from the stimulations, as well as making them more sensitive to touch.

Because the Elong is marketed to gay males, Hünkyjunk did make the claim that they could stick to even the hairiest of chests. And while my chest is very smooth, I got my male partner to test them out. On his chest, it would not stick for long his hair was too thick to create a seal, even when we applied lubrication for the seal. On another male-bodied housemate who has sparser hair, it worked a lot better. So it is something to play with depending on your body hair situation.

Gendered Marketing

As mentioned before, the Elong nipple suckers are mainly marketed towards gay cis males by the company they come from, Hünkyjunk. This is honestly tragic because almost everyone has nipples! These can be used by anyone and gendered marketing in the sex toy world makes it so these get tucked into ‘gay’ categories when they could just be put in with ‘nipple play. I was very happy to see what Vibed do when looking over their site. It makes much more sense to be inclusive of all bodies in that way.

Overall Thoughts

If traditional clamps do not work for you, but you enjoy nipple play. The Elong nipple suckers are something I recommend checking out. They are sturdy and thanks to their shape can fit many kinds of nipples. And hold up to so much in the way of activity during a play session. I know they will become a staple of my bedside table/play bag for years to come.

They come in a bright blue or a sleek black color. Vibed sells them for $24 at the time of posting. With free shipping on orders over $15.00! If you would like to grab them check out any of my affiliate links and it will help support Witch of the Wands.

Thank you to Vibed for sending me the Elong-wide-based nipple suckers in exchange for this review and for sponsoring Witch Of The Wands.

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