Review: Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug

Review: Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug

Are you looking to try metal toys, but don’t think you can handle the weight? Or are you wanting to give your booty a little bling? Well, the Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal plug by Rear Assets has you covered with doing both!

Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug Stats

rainbow gemstone heart anal plug

The Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug is made of lightweight body-safe aluminum. Giving this toy the sturdiness of metal without a lot of weight due to being hollow. The shape of the plug is a pointed teardrop, for ease of insertion. This line of body-safe anal toys is available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Though for this review, I used only the small. Because it is made of metal it is suitable for use with any lubricant of your choice.  

The simple packaging also comes with a faux velveteen black bag for storage and keeping the plug safe between uses. Clean up is also easy as you can just wash it with soap and warm water. Or place it in the dishwasher to sanitize it.

Measurements (Small Only): 
  • Overall Size:  2.76 x 1.3 x 1.3 Inches
  • Insertable Dimensions:  1.77 x 1.06 Inches

So What Did I Think?

At first glance of the Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug, I was worried very quickly that this plug was going to be too small. It fits almost perfectly in my hand, and the last time I had a plug that did so it did not go well. But I could not help to love how it looked as the glass crystal glittered in the light and the rainbow patina finish on the aluminum shined. If rainbows are your thing, you will enjoy the look of this butt plug alone.

rainbow gemstone heart anal plug crystal

But, we are not here for looks alone. So testing commenced. Insertion was one of the most simple things I have ever experienced. For me, it went even easier than my Pure Plug but only due to shape and hollowness. The very pointed tear drop shape is a perfect taper. The small is also well very small, so it doesn’t cause a lot of stretching. The smoothness of the aluminum also reacts well with lubrication making it a very slick surface that aids insertion. Now due to it being light and small, there was not much in the way of actually feeling the fullness that a heavier plug would give. Which is totally what some are looking for, but I really enjoy that weight and density that get from other plugs. But it was a downside for me because I want to feel full when I am using a plug.

Then we get to the neck and the base, both sit easily between the cheeks. It sat rather comfortably for the few sessions that I wore it. And it was comfortable to move around with it being in, as well as do things like take stairs and perform chores. As someone with a larger ass, the heart was somewhat lost unless bending over. But I think that made it a little bit of fun because it was a surprise.

Overall Thoughts

I really think that the Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug is a great plug set to start with. It can allow you to get used plug wearing before upgrading to something that is going to offer more stimulation in the way of anal play. It is also just a fun plug if you are looking for that Princess aesthetic without wanting to break your wallet as it is only 12.99 for the small.

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me this toy, in exchange for this unbiased review.

If you decided to purchase the Rainbow Gemstone Heart Anal Plug please consider doing so from my affiliate links as it goes towards supporting this blog!

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