Review: Annie-O by Vixen Creations

Review: Annie-O by Vixen Creations

It was just a few months ago that I was actually talking on my twitter about lusting after the Vixen Creations product line. They are a name that has been around since 1992 with their Vixskin line. So it was with a little rush that I jumped at a chance to finally get to review one of their products. Especially when it is a new toy, the Annie-O.

The Annie-O sitting on top of black fur so that the bright pinks, purples, and silvers stand out. There is an orange round bullet vibe sitting next to it at an angle.


The Annie-O has a unique shape a gentle taper design with a slight curve right at the tip. This makes it perfect for G or P spotting. The length is 4 inches above the notch. With an additional inch below it, making it 5 insertable inches total. Though it is also very thick. At the widest part of the shaft, just above the notch is 1 3/4 inches. Then 2 inches wide below the notch. 

The hand-poured silicone has only a slight squish to it. Though the tip is very bendable. There is a section to insert a bullet vibrator or even your fingers to use. It does come with a one-speed Screaming O vibrator. But the hole is large enough to fit any standard bullet you might have on hand. You want to make sure that you put lube into the hole so that you can easily slip things in and out. The base is flared so that it can fit into a harness. Which makes this toy safe for anal use as well.

Each Annie-O is handmade, so the colors will be different. Meaning the swirls and colors of your galaxy will be unique.

The bottom of the Annie-O showing off the bullet hole that sits somewhat center of the round base.

So What Did I Think?

After my excitement died down I got to testing the Annie-O. Slipping the bullet that came with it inside I settled in. The vibrations from the bullet were gentle, not really a rumble or buzz. It was more of a tickle. The tip I found, not only good for g spot stimulation. But amazing to use on my clit to warm myself up. With how thick the Annie-O is, I knew I would need it.

With a little lube and a warm-up orgasm, I got to insertion. The short length of the Annie-O was perfect for reaching right where I needed it. I could feel the tip rubbing against my g-spot. However, it was hard to hold the toy by the base. While I got myself close to the edge I couldn’t push myself over. Once I removed the bullet, I slid my index finger inside. This allowed me to get the right grip. For me, it was like using my own fingers. Though due to my arms being short. I can never quite reach and the Annie-O helped me achieve that. Taking the bullet to my clit and found the right combination to unlock one hell of an orgasm.

Because of that, the Annie-O is now on my list of toys amazing for plus-sized individuals.

One more time

But I needed to know more. So I tried the Annie-O with a higher speed bullet. The higher vibration and longer bullet allowed it to reach through the tip easily. Because the bullet did not fit flush this also gave me something to hold on to while using it. So if you have other bullets on hand I highly recommend trying them out in the Annie-O to see how it changes for you.

Overall Thoughts

For me, the Vixskin Annie-O is a great toy. Not only alone but because of how versatile it is you can easily use it with a partner as well. Each one is a piece of art. If you are a fan of galaxy colors and glittery toys that stand out you will also enjoy it. Shevibe carries the Annie-O for 59.991, so you could always tag on an extra bullet vibrator to go with!

Thank you Shevibe for giving me a chance to finally have a little bit of Vixen art in my collection in exchange for this review! All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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