Hydrus Water Dragon – Review

Hydrus Water Dragon – Review

Have you ever looked at a dildo and wished that it was nothing but texture, tip to base? I know that I have, and the moment I saw the Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo, it looked as if my dreams had come true. Looks alone made me fall in love with it as a monster lover. When Uberrime donated it to my birthday giveaway, I also got one to review! Let me tell you, I was excited to test it out!

Hydrus Water Dragon Stats

The Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo is a full silicone fantasy shaped dildo. This hand poured dildo from Uberrime has so many textures. Scales and bumps along the shaft, a pronounced head, and even a knot near the base. The silicone is soft and squishy, and it is shore 0050 density. The base is compatible with some harnesses, as it is not a perfectly round shape and does have raised areas.



  •     Length: 7.75″
  •     Insertable: 6.5″
  •     Tip / Head Diameter: 1.11″
  •     Max Diameter at the knot: 1.95″


  • Closest to an average human counterpart
  • Length: 7″
  • Insertable: 5.75″
  • Tip / Head Diameter: 1.03″
  • Max Diameter at the knot: 1.67″


  • Slightly larger than the diameter of a finger
  • Length: 5.5″
  • Insertable: 4.625″
  • Tip / Head Diameter: 0.88″
  • Max Diameter at the knot: 1.4″

So What Did I Think?

The moment I got the Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo in my hands, I was extremely pleased with what I was feeling. I took my time to look at every little detail from the ridge that goes along the underside of the shaft to the textures of the knot. Even the base is textured! On looks alone, the Hydrus is a texture lover’s dream. And I do know that there are tons of fantasy toys that are highly textured. But many of them are quite thick, which means they tend to be heavier and have very large bases. So with my wrist and hand issues, I have to be careful with what I am choosing.

The Hydrus is a very long toy rather than a girthy toy, the thickest part being the knot of the toy. Comparing this to other knotted toys that I own, it was a very small knot. So while it is textured, it is still a very slim fantasy toy.

Using The Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo

Now in use, I love this toy for the texture upon insertion. The way it covers the shaft gives it a rippling feeling. I really enjoyed turning the Hydrus upside down so that the ridge along it faces upward. Those particular ridges felt amazing against my g-spot during use and I truly feel like I prefer it in that position

The base is a simple oval shape, though is quite thick. It would not be compatible with a harness that has metal rings unless you had a particularly large one that could fit over the knot and under the base comfortably. But those with rings that stretch would likely see better use. I personally used it with my hand most of the time. Though for a hand free experience, I used it with my Liberator Bon Bon as well. And I am pleased to say it fit, though it is a very snug fit. But it gets in there, and you know it is going to stay put. 

This particular set up really allowed me to get a good feeling of all the texture without having to also worry about my grip. So I am really glad that they are compatible. 

Just One Thing

There is just one small thing I would change about the Hydrus, and this is a personal preference. I wish that it had been a little firmer, though not to the point of it being hard. I found the neck had a particular flop to it. While it stood up just fine on its own, it did not like to stay in a straight position for optimal thrusting in-use.

Overall Thoughts

I adore the Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo. It has so much good about it all in one slender toy. Uberrime really did a great job with this design. If you are a lover of texture and fantasy toys, this one is a hit for me. 
You can get the Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo from Shevibe in Small ($75), Medium ($95), or Large ($115). All come in one colour, but individually poured. If you are looking for specific colours check out Uberrime’s website.

Thank you Uberrime for sending the Hydrus Water Dragon Dildo. All writing and opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve wondered about this, thanks so much! And damn they’re so cool looking it’s also a piece of decor..ya know, if ur into stuff like that😛

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