Viben Fierce Wand – Review

Viben Fierce Wand – Review

Today we are taking a look at another wand in the Viben collection, that was sent to me by Peepshow Toys. As they know I always love to review a wands the most. I wanted to give the line another chance and see if maybe we could find one that works well for me. So let’s take a look at what the Fierce has to offer.

Fierce Wand Stats

The Fierce Wand is part of the Viben line of wand massagers alongside the Obsession and Sultry. It is a full silicone covered small wand with one section made of ABS plastic. With twenty-five vibration functions and five different levels of intensity, it packs a lot into the mini wand. 

To use the Viben Fierce you first hold down the power button for 3 full seconds. To decrease vibration intensity, you tap the top button (near the wand head). Then you continue pressing to move toward the lowest vibration strength. To change it up, you can use the center button to scroll through the 25 patterned vibration rhythms. Each pattern has five levels of vibration, so there are a lot of options to choose from. There is a memory chip that picks up on the vibration/pattern setting you left off on.

This wand is submersible, so is easy to use in a shower or tub. And it’s USB rechargeable.


  • 1.75 inches head width 
  • 9 inches total length 
  • 7 ounces weight

So What Did I Think?

The Fierce has some great deep rumbly vibrations which I honestly adored. However, that said, it falls into the same pitfalls that its sister wand, the Sultry, also has: Too many options. 

I don’t know who needs that many patterns in one single wand? Seriously, it is just an overload of options. Genuinely, I cannot remember what pattern I am on so that I know how many I need to skip through to get back to a steady buzz.

The memory chip: This is great for people who enjoy a particular pattern or setting. But if you are someone that enjoys changing things up, it is going to be harder for you to really find what you are looking for when you are in the middle.

Tough Handle: I am not sure how, but the handles on wands from Viben are just stiff without enough place to really hold them. Perhaps it would be better if they were thicker, either in size or how much silicone was wrapping around the plastic? But I am not really sure what would make this better, to be totally honest. I wish there was just something different to make it more comfortable to hold. 

Overall Thoughts

I just don’t think that the Viben line is one that I really…vibe with at this point? Which is not to say it is a bad line of toys. Or even that this is a bad toy. I just honestly think that they could use some general adjustment to make them better.

You can purchase the Viben Fierce at Peepshow Toys for 69.99.

Thank you Peepshow Toys for sending me the Viben Fierce in exchange for this unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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