Review: PalmPower Extreme Wand

Review: PalmPower Extreme Wand

We all know by now, I am never one to turn down a new wand. The PalmPower Extreme recently caught my eye. From the design of the handle to the smaller head than most wands. It is also boasted to be PalmPower’s most powerful wand. I was intrigued. So I felt really lucky when I had a chance to review it thanks to Shevibe!

PalmPower Extreme Wand

The PalmPower Extreme wand is one of many in the line made by BMS Factory. The first thing you notice about it is the ergonomic design, with an angled handle and head. Rather than a straight handle that is the typical design for wands. It is also extremely light, as it weighs under a pound at about 12 ounces. The handle is made from ABS plastic and the head is silicone. The buttons to turn it on and cycle through the speeds/patterns also seem to be silicone as well. Because it is USB powered for recharging, it is not waterproof.

There are 7 functions, 4 speeds, and 3 patterns. Even the lowest speed is kind of high and the vibrations buzzy like a bullet. You can either cycle through the speeds with a single click. Or it allows you to do so by holding the button down to find the right intensity for you.

So What Did I Think

At the time I was going to start testing the PalmPower Extreme, I suffered a wrist injury. I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavy or perform any vigorous actions with my hand. About 5 days into my quarantine, I cheated just a little. The lightweight of the PalmPower Extreme was gentle on my wrist. Though I could feel the vibrations in the handle, which is rather on par for most wand vibrators. It was such a pleasant experience, that it made me excited to try it when I wasn’t injured. Even after my hand healed it was so comfortable to use.

Having a choice between a normal cycle of speeds and an incremental build-up of power was a nice change. It allowed me to switch between the two in the middle of using the wand. It was a little tough navigating the single button. Turning the toy off on myself a few times until I got the hang of it.

The vibrations are incredibly buzzy. The slightly slender but round head makes it easy to get to any place you want them. So it is great if you like direct stimulation. Buzzy vibrations tend to be a quicker orgasm for me, so the wand certainly did the trick. Though left me needing to take a break after just one.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a rechargeable wand that is lightweight and buzzy, the Palm Power Extreme is for you. Those who want more rumbly vibrations from their wand may want to check out other wands. Or could use an attachment to dampen the vibrations in the head. Shevibe carries the PalmPower Extreme in both Black and Fuchia for $1031, as well as all of the attachments that work with the PalmPower Extreme.

Thank you Shevibe for sending the Palm Power Extreme in exchange for this honest and unbiased review. All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

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5 thoughts on “Review: PalmPower Extreme Wand

  1. In 2021 manufacturer (BMS Factory) changed Palm Power Extreme. From 2-buttons control changed to to 3-buttons and power plug from micro USB to USB-C. But the main change was that the vibration was changed from rumbly to buzzy type.

    Can anyone recommend any vibrator with the same vibration like old PalmPower Extreme reviewed here?

    P.S. We have 6 Palm Power Extreme vibrators and 4 old 2 button models have vibration exactly as in review and 2 new 3 button models (produced in 2021 and 2022) has much weaker and buzzy vibration 🙁

      1. My order with Com Wand from Dame is arrived a week ago.
        Sorry but this vibrator is far from original/old Palm Power Extreme 🙁 Even the worse new version of Palm Power Extreme is better.

        The main is unbalanced vibro-motor inside this vibrator. Sometimes handle part vibrates stronger than the head. Any change of hand position or orientation can change vibration on any part of vibrator. As result it’s too unpredictable vibrator 🙁

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