Review: Split Peaches Screw You

Review: Split Peaches Screw You

Dildos that aren’t your basic phallic shapes are not ones that I get to test often. I would say that I really only have a hand full of them. But the Screw You from Split Peaches is certainly not your basic shape. The shape is literally that of a screw that you would use to hold something together. While certainly, you can get it in a basic steel color. I was sent the rainbow one! I already knew their rainbow colors were bright from my Unicorn Horn. But the way the Screw You is shaped it brought out different things.

However, I also learned from the Unicorn Horn that I was a bad judge of size. That made me go for the small just because I wanted to be able to hold on to this one with my hands. The shaft of the toy is 1.45″ Dia ( 4.55″ circumference), the thickest point of it being the treads of the screw. The length is 5.8″. The toy is shaped like a large silicone screw, it looks closest to a lag bolt with a hex washer. Though the tip is much longer and rounded, as lag bolts are meant to penetrate wood, not people.1

The Screw You and You

The shape of the Screw You when you look at it can be intimidating, at least that was what I thought as I looked at it online. Getting to hold it for the first time, left me intrigued. You cannot quite make out how the threads spiral up to the top of the shaft. They are so straight that they seemed like spaced out ridges. The tip being a rounded point makes for a very easy insertion. When it came to getting past the slight ridge of the thread, I found that using the hex shaped base to twist it slowly inside was the best way. I found myself twisting it all the way down to the base before twisting it back up. It was quite a workout for my hand but was an excellent warm up. Once my body was used to the feeling of the ridges I could focus on just penetration. Having to use two different techniques was a change up for me. A good changeup. It allowed me to really focus on the texture.

The threads themselves are excellent for g-spot stimulation as well as anal. People who do enjoy textures to their anal toys will enjoy this. Though for me, it was just a bit too intense even with a lot of lube. My preference is going to often be smooth textures for toys I use anally. However, I wanted to try because there have been a couple of toys with mild texture in the past that I have enjoyed.

Hitting the Nail On the Head

Each toy that Split Peaches makes is made from 100% silicone and made by hand. I really love the small details of the toy. From how the colors blend in some spots. To the details of their logo that gives just a bit more grip to the hex-shaped base. The shape of the small should also work for most strap-on harnesses. Though do check to see what size ring you have to see if it will work for you.

Overall the Screw You is an excellent nonphallic dildo. The fun shape, color, and texture make it stand out among other nonphallic shapes. What I love about the small is the price, you can pick it up from Split Peaches for under $50 dollars.2 Which for quality handmade silicone is a treat on your wallet.

Thank you to Split Peaches for sending the Screw You in exchange for this review and for sponsoring my trip to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. All opinions in this review are my own.
  1. I did a lot of research on screws for this part.
  2. At the time of posting.

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