Share Our Shit Saturday: Summer 100 Week 7

Share Our Shit Saturday: Summer 100 Week 7

The first week into the theme of kink and BDSM has garnered a lot of fantastic posts. I took the chance to write about how sadism can be causal and light. Though as we get deeper into the challenge is seems that more writers have slipped out. But that is okay, I know I still look forward to there writing. Everyone misses a week now and then, life happens. There is still some great work to share this week!

Towards a Positive Theory of BDSM, Part 1: Premises – The Story of A

Ani is back once more, with another post that gets you really thinking. This time she starts on what looks like will be a many part piece, looking into the positive parts of BDSM. Too often media and pornography really only show the more violent side of BDSM. When really it breaks down into a very positive thing in many peoples day to day lives. Check out Part 1 from Ani, I cannot wait to read the next part.

The Curse, Part Six: Living with Chloe – May More

Now, this is part six of May’s story she has titled The Curse. While not focused on kink itself. It does explore the kink of enjoying menstrual blood in ones play. While not my personal kink, I found myself still intrigued by the story. Going back after reading this one to catch up on what I missed. Because somewhere in my reading I totally missed Part 5 so had a little bit of catching up to do.

A Sexual Performance – Miss Scarlet Writes

Miss Scarlet writes this week about sex and masturbation as a performance. Answering questions about voyeurism and exhibitionism when it comes to both. Sharing stories of times she when to a couple of local swingers clubs and witnessed masturbation or sex between others. Though I think my favorite parts was reading about how she enjoys watching her own partner masturbate.

What Is Romance, Anyway? – Your Heavenly Body

Aria post on what romance means to her. I loved seeing her writing about how there isn’t a hard line between romance and platonic friendship. It is something that I also have a very fuzzy grey space about. Especially when it comes to touch. The whole post is a wonderful read, especially in how we can rewrite and conduct our relationships differently.

B-Vibe Triplet – My Messy Room

Anal sex and anal toys are only a thing that I have recently started to get back into. So when I saw the review of the B-Vibe Triplet posted by A Mess of Reviews, I took a peek. They write about how they also have not always been into it but have been exploring more. It is always good to see others who are also working on exploring things they didn’t quite know how they feel about it. One of the many reasons why I like reading my fellow bloggers reviews because everyone has different limits and likes.

Next week brings us one more week of Kink and BDSM, I know I have a few things cooking up. I cannot wait to see else my fellow bloggers in the challenge post!


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