Review: Ombré Hombre

Review: Ombré Hombre

When I think of what I need in a vibrator, a lot of things come to mind. For me, it is things like rumbly, powerful, and body-safe. However, articulation is not one of those things. But with the Ombré Hombre by Naughty Bits. Yes, this vibrating dildo has a spine. So of course I was very curious.

Ombré Hombre Stats and Features

The Ombré Hombre sitting in slight shadow so that the core can be seen.
The core inside the Ombré Hombre

Taking the Ombré Hombre out of the box, you think for a moment based on the slightly clear silicone that it might not be body-safe. But I did do a flame test and it is silicone. But the colors are a mix of ombre purples and pinks, with a little bit of blue. Going for an almost galaxy look as glitter floats inside the realistically shaped toy. From the tip of the head to the base of the balls, there are ridges and veins for texture. Inside is a flexible but rigid rod that allows it to stay firm. Making it easy to move and bend the Ombré Hombre in various directions.

  • Overall Length: 5.25 Inches (13.25cm)
  • Overall Width: 1.5 Inches (3.75cm)

There are ten 10 vibration functions, 3 that escalated and the rest are all different pulsations. The button to turn it on/off and cycle through the vibrations are all on the bottom of the balls. Which is also where you will find where to plug in the USB charger. After charging it for two and a half hours, you get about an hour of play time.

The base and tip of the Ombré Hombre
Tip (Left) and base (right)

So What Did I Think?

If it was just a suction cup dildo, I would say I love the Hombre! The spine of the toy meant that while I was using my body to push back against it or to ride it. That the toy stayed in place. Because gravity likes to have a say in what position a dildo’s curve stays in. But with the inner core, the Hombre stays stiff. The texture on the head and around the shaft is amazing. Just enough to stimulate my clit as I grind against it or when I am riding it on as it presses into my gspot.

It is with the vibrations that I find the Hombre to be lacking. I wouldn’t call them powerful. They are there, but between the core and the silicone, they get muffled. Coming off as some weird spot between rumbly and buzzy for me depending on the setting. So I really didn’t find myself using it at all after the first try. It was just better to use it as a dildo alone. I also found the button to be kind of inconvenient as it sat all the way under the balls of the toy. So if I wanted to change it while I was on top of it I had to stop which is just not great when you are in the groove.

See through curve of the core in the Ombré Hombre
While it doesn’t hold it does get a generous curve.

Overall Thoughts

For me, I would have loved the Ombré Hombre a lot more as just a suction cup dildo without the vibration added. The colors are gorgeous, the glitter is super cute. It is aesthetically pleasing, but the second biggest function of the toy is not for me. Perhaps if you do need a gentler vibration or are much more flexible than me, you will enjoy it more. I also find the price tag of $83 (At the time of posting) to be very high for a toy that you don’t get everything they say it does.

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Ombré Hombre in exchange for this review. You can grab your own by checking out any of my affiliate links!

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