Review: Real Nude Helio

Review: Real Nude Helio

Dual-density toys are a fond favorite of mine. I But I will agree that sometimes the price point can be a bit of an issue, so I have been on the lookout for dual density toys that are in a lower price range. That is when my sights landed on the Helio from Blush.

Real Nude Helio

Blush uses what they are calling their Sensa Feel™ dual density design, made of 100% platinum cure silicone. Firm on the inside and squishy on the outside. The Helio is hand sculpted and while it is phallic, it isn’t hyper-realistic. With a base that doubles as a suction cup, it can be used in various ways. They also include a microfiber pouch for storage.

What did I think?

Fun fact, the Helio is actually the first dildo with a suction cup that I have ever used.

I tried the Helio in the shower first, it has just enough room in it. On the wall I noticed that where the stiff core ended the softer material had a serious droop. Trying to reach back to prop the toy up so that I could use it came with not being able to reach it. Due to in part my shorter arms and my large ass to try to reach around. Choosing at that point to use my hands, instead of growing more frustrated. I had more fun sucking on it than I did for its intended use. The softness of the silicone was actually a rather nice tactile sensation between my lips.

If it had just been a little stiffer, it would have been perfect.

Helio suction cupped to a glass tile wall.

Overall Thoughts

This does not mean that it was a failure, I was still able to enjoy using the toy with my hand. The softness a wonderful warm-up toy for some of my stiffer ones. The slim Helio before the thicker toy gives my body a chance to be ready for more without overstimulating me. I would even suggest that it could be used if you feel like you need warm up before penetration with a partner as well. The soft round head I believe would also be good for anal if being used in a strap-on. Though I did not get to try it in that fashion yet because the limpness of the toy makes it hard to do it to myself.

Overall, I think that the Helio is a body safe toy that while I was not able to use for its intended use, could be the perfect toy for others. The $381 price point I think would make it the perfect toy for the cam worker looking for a good body safe toy to use on cam without breaking the bank.

Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the Helio in exchange for this unbiased review.

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