Review: Iroha Zen

Review: Iroha Zen

Lots of vibrators will get you off quickly. Especially vibrators designed for targeting the clitoris or other highly sensitive areas.  Clitoral vibrators are my go-to for quick and easy orgasm. But then the Iroha Zen came into my life. A very simple vibrator, with only 3-speed settings and a pulse setting. The design a simple bulb shape, with texture in a twisted wave. The matcha green color making me think of a whisk for making traditional matcha in a wooden bowl. It gave me a whole new type of orgasm that I am calling, the slow burn.

Moment of Zen

Laying in bed, I pulled up some of my favorite porn to watch. With just a hint of lube to start with along the ridges of Iroha Zen, I settled in. Letting them slowly drag over my labia first. Surprised as the twisting waves had only a hint of drag. Enough to cause a sensation that I got a little lost in. Not enough to be too distracted and continue what I was watching. It more made me focus on enjoying what I was viewing as various kinds of oral sex went down before my eyes.

Slow long twists in the other direction left me open to letting it slide over my clit which brought a flutter through me. Even as I turned it up to the highest setting. It was only just enough to keep me on edge. I had never taken this kind of time before with a clitoral vibe. That edging seemed to last forever, holding me there. For a few moments, I was certain that it was never going to get me off.

Right until I moved my wrist in a short movement. The quicker twist bringing a whole new feeling. I was already aching for it. I saw the end in sight. When it came it was like a burst. As I laid there coming down I wrote down in my notes; ‘ It’s like green tea ice cream’.

Soft, smooth, and with a deep flavor at the end.

Bittersweet Symphony

Now, this is not to say I enjoyed everything. There was one small flaw with Iroha Zen. The button. While the upside is that you have to hold it down to lock and unlock it. When the toy is on if you even so much as graze along the top, it will go to the next setting. With only 3 speeds and one pattern, it does not take long to get back to where you had it. For my habits, it pulls me out of my headspace for just a moment. This is because the bottom of Iroha Zen is basically just all button.

It took time figuring out how I needed to settle my grip. Trying to find a balance between; comfortable enough to hold and not hitting the button unexpectedly.

Iroha Zen Overall

The Iroha Zen surprised me as a vibrator that I really did end up enjoying. Though like the ice cream it reminded me of, it is certainly something I don’t want all the time. This would be the kind of vibrator that I would use when I want to take my time. When I want to treat myself to something I am going to indulge in slowly. The vibrations pleasant and easy. This would honestly be a great vibrator for a lot of people. Beginners, texture lovers, and those who don’t want a lot of power behind the motor. It is made of body safe silicone and runs on two simple AAA batteries.

Thank you to Shevibe for sending me the Iroha Zen in exchange for this unbiased review. The Iroha Zen is available on their website for under 40 dollars1 and in three lovely colors!

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