Review: Desirable Dalia

Review: Desirable Dalia

Delicate and decadent are the first two words I would use to describe Desirables’ Dalia. A sleek handmade porcelain toy, made curved for for g-spot stimulation. It already looks like the kind of toy meant for a special occasion. Like the kind of toy that you only use for special guests.

Is Porcelain Safe?

Porcelain is body safe and hypoallergenic. The technique used to make it, allows it to be non-porous. It retains both heat and cold for handmade porcelain play. Though while durable for use, you still would not want to drop it. Or switch between temperatures to quickly. As the porcelain can still crack and break in those situations. You do want to be sure to give your Dalia a wash before use, as some dust does linger after being made.

Hey There Dalia

The Desirables’ Dalia was a surprise when I pulled it from the box. I treated it gently as I took in the almost petite size and lightweight feel. The G-spot toys I had tried in the past being hefty toys. Running my hands over the handcrafted toy, made me question if I could even use it. For a few days, it sat on my bedside table. The creamy white color standing out from the other colorful toys, as it sat on the soft red bag it came with.

Even just sitting out, the Dalia takes in the temperature of the air around it. My room tends to run colder because keep a fan running for air flow. This causes the toy to be very cool to the touch. Leave it near an open winter in December, you are going to have one cold toy. Thankfully it warms up underwater or a fuzzy blanket very quickly.

A white curved toy sitting on rainbow color splash background.

So How Did It Work For Me?

With how smooth the Dalia is, with just a little water-based lube I found it easy to insert. It sat almost perfectly inside of me. The curve of the toy resting just past my pelvic bone. The rest of it sitting outside against my body. The lightweight actually allowed me to move around. Which is good as Desirables states it can be used as a kegel exerciser as well.

Trying to move the toy inside of me, was a little harder. It wasn’t that it was too thick or even too big. It was that it was too small. The bottom handle of the toy due to my size, I could really only grip with my finger tips. My short arms and stomach not allowing me to really get the grip I wanted for extended penatration. Though I did not give up.

The small size, allowed me to use a few of my favorite clitoral vibrators along with the Dalia. The pressure caused by my hand pushing it up towards my G-spot was amazing then. Allowing me to actually have a few gushing orgasms that left me hoping I didn’t wake anyone. It is certainly a toy I will use after tossing something down on my bed.

Overall Thoughts

Desirables’ Dalia is a lovely toy. Perfect for anyone looking to experiment with nontraditional body safe materials or a lighter g-spot toy. While it did not quite work out for me as I expected. I am glad that I found a way to make it work for my particular body type.

Thank you to Luvoqa for sending me the Dalia in exchange for this unbaised review.

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