Season Of The Witch – Summer Heat

Season Of The Witch – Summer Heat

Spring has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for me. I was prepped to move but then things got complicated. The start of June also brought the comfort and safety to also come out to the world. I am Non-Binary identifying as a Demigirl.

Summer is looking to be just as amazing, with Woodhull on the horizon and the Summer 100 challenge continuing. It seems that the things in my head are all starting to finally find a home here. My own life heating up as I become more open with myself. Comfortable in a body that I haven’t felt comfortable with in years. I have also written some fun things about my mistakes when it came to DIY Sex Toys. Also, a review of a game I really hope takes the words I said to heart.

Thanks and Love

My Patreon community is small but growing. I share behind the scenes pictures, short erotica stories, and even more on my Snapchat. My followers there also get shout-outs!

First, there is James Bridget Gordan, who writes for The Howler about Football (Soccer) and is just pretty amazing people.

Then Gomer! Youtuber and Writer. Check out his Twitter and on his pinned tweet you will find the link to his Youtube channel where he plays modern and retro games.

It is thanks to both of them that help me keep my blog going, conference funds and so much more.

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

In August I am going to get to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. I have read about this Summit for a few years now. So I am excited that I am going to finally get a chance to attend. I have some amazing sponsors who have supported me in getting there. Early 2 Bed, Split Peaches, and Ignite Pleasure Products all have my biggest thanks. I will be promoting them all July and August! Plus I have some great things ready to be posted from a few of them coming up!

This is going to be my first step into the bigger world of sexual conferences. I have never had a chance to attend any of them before. Woodhull being my first seems almost like attempting to make Mt Everest my first climb. But I am going to come out on top with this one. Getting to talk to other bloggers and go to some amazing workshops. There is going to be so much that I come back with! I am excited to be able to meet many of my fellow bloggers like Angel and Carly!

Summer Playlist

There seem to be two sides to the coin when it comes to hitting shuffle on the playlist. All of it will get you moving, but it takes a twisting road. Bouncing between pop and rock with each turn. It certainly is a playlist that will get your heart pumping. Though I will say there are some slow tracks in there that I couldn’t help but share as well.


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