Review: City of Sin 3D

Review: City of Sin 3D

Sex games are findable all over the internet these days, from the tame to the downright dirty. It can be a bit of an overwhelming task to wade through. City of Sin 3D on the outside looks like it could be one in a million and I am pretty certain it would have never caught my attention. Especially when I can find games just like City of Sin 3D for free.

The Characters

There are at current 16 different pre-made characters in City of Sin 3D. All of them have rather cheesy names and their ‘personalities’ follow the best of porn tropes. They are overexaggerated versions of what we see in mainstream porn. Which means they are pretty problematic like a lot of mainstream porn is. From the hyper-sexualized pornstar, to the cheating wife, and of course the bisexual ‘switch’. Sure they are all fantasy characters but damn it is like they turned the cheese up to 11. The male characters are no less cheesy either. You have the Doctor, the Tennis Coach, and of course your Football Stud.

Another thing it is easy to notice. All of these characters are white. Super white. They try to shake it up with characters who in their bio say they are Russian or Italian. Still white. Any of these characters they could have easily made a person of color and kept the cheesy trope intact. As you will see later they clearly have the capability to make characters of color with their game. So why not?

Also, I know we are being tropey as fuck here. But is there any reason to bring up the race of the staffers whistling at Ms. MetoBed? It makes me worry if they did release characters of color they would just lean fetishizing the race of said character more than anything.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of City of Sin 3D is overly simple.

  • Pick two characters. (M/Female only here. No M/M or F/F unless you use created characters)
  • Put them into various position
  • Watch them fuck????
  • Profit!

You can do things like change up the positions, the camera angle and make them orgasm when you choose. But that is pretty much it. It was fun for a few moments. I am sure if I had an interactive toy like ones they promote on the site. It might have gotten more play time but on its own, it’s pretty hard to watch. The moans sort of repeat after a while and their facial expressions go through a loop. It after a while becomes a little robotic. You can change up wherein the large penthouse setting they are performing each position but that is about it.


The game does work with a number of interactive toys such as the Kiiroo Onyx, Fleshlight Launch, and Fleshlight Vstroker. So it might be a lot more fun if you have access to any of these particular toys.

The Add-On

Now, there is a character creations add-on hidden behind the paywall in City of Sin 3D. This add-on surprised the hell out of me with how extensive and detailed I could make a character. I think I had more fun playing with it than the whole game itself. But I love a good character creation system. I am that player that can take hours making sure every last detail I want is correct.

City of Sin 3D character creation
Just a taste of the Character Creation.

After seeing all the skinny well-toned characters, I was certain it wouldn’t let me make a body that matched my own. I was surprised. I was able to make a fat character. A fat character who didn’t look silly in half the positions mind you. I was also able to make transgender characters and characters of color. So like I said above, it is clear they have the ability to make characters like this! I was even able to import the characters to either side of the Female or Male character selection screen.  It just really sucks that it has to be hidden from the main meat of the game. Not just that it is really hidden from knowledge until you get into the game itself. They really stress mostly cis characters in this game.

Overall Opinion of City of Sin 3D

For someone who enjoys a game that has plot and substance, this wasn’t the game for me. I found City of Sin 3D to be a run of the mill flash game stuck behind a paywall. If there was more to do or at least some interesting elements it might be worth it. It is clear that I am not the demographic they are looking to grab.

I would love to see the game grow and become more inclusive. More diverse characters in sexuality, skin colors, and body shape. Keep it tropey? Sure, everyone can enjoy a good porn trope. But keep it classy. There are more people out there who just might want to check out your game if you actually include them in the media that you make. Mainstream games are doing it not only in the creation system but for their characters as well. So why not take that step to be just as inclusive?

Thank you to City of Sin 3D for letting me check out their game and review it. This review was paid for but all opinions are my own. If it does sound like something you might want to check out you can find them at

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