Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week 4

Share Our Shit Saturday – Summer 100 Week 4

It has been the last week of the theme oral sex, there have been some great posts written about that subject and more. I was only able to get out one post myself, waxing on about my oral fixation. I also managed to get my quarterly wrap up out with a fantastic playlist attached. But let us get on to the things I read this week from the others in the challenge! Having so many new blogs to read these days has kept me so informed. So hopefully I can shed more light on what they have written with these highlights.

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Nudity, Shadows, and Copyright – Sex Matters

May has written a great post that really ties into why Share Our Shit Saturday really started. Shadowbanning on Twitter and other social media hides so much content from readers. In this post, she breaks down the why and even the how to find out if you have been shadowbanned. She breaks down the laws that are causing these things to happen. The ways to get around some of the issues causing it to happen on social media as well. It was super well written.

4 Things I Learned From Teaching Oral Sex Workshops – Your Heavenly Body

Aria is one of the many bloggers who also teach workshops. Even the people who teach find that what they teach helps them learn more. I loved reading what she has learned from teaching Oral Sex workshops. I did have quite the giggle when she started talking about watching people with fruit. It is easy to imagine her amusement as an educator getting to see it often.

69 Is Not My Magic Number – Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle goes into a great post here about how there is no right or wrong way to be having sex. Reading about others who are also learning its okay to not like various sex acts, is a favorite! I think talking about what we might not like, really helps to normalize these kinds of discussions. The more we can get the words out there, the easier it will make it.

Are You Faking It? – Leila Loren

Leila wrote this fantastic pieceĀ about faking it during oral sex. Particularly oral sex that you aren’t enjoying. She talks about her experiences with it. How she wishes that with past partners she had spoken up. How it is important to not only you but your partner in bringing it up. As someone who has also been in situations in the past, I understand. It is just another part of communication I love to see normalized. Talking to our partners about what does and doesn’t get us off.

These where the posts taht really caught me this week, but don’t forget there are so many others. Please check out the directory where you can read all of the posts from the challenge so far!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post – sometimes when I write a serious post it does not get much air play so I very much appreciate it

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