Review: Noje W4 and B6

Review: Noje W4 and B6

Noje is the Swedish word for pleasure, and I think Blush Novelties has certainly picked the right word for this collection. From the simplicity of the designs to the power behind them. These seemed the kind of toys that anyone can pick up and play with!

Noje W4, A small pink wand sitting on a wood background.
Noje W4 Wand

Noje W4 Wand Vibrator

The W4 Wand is the fourth wand in the Noje collection. And the largest, coming in at 7.75 inches. Making this wand compact compared to so many other wands on the current market. The W4 Wand has 10 settings including 2 steady speeds and 8 different patterns. Made of silicone and ABS plastic with USB recharge, it is a simple sleek wand.

Noje B6 A purple lipstick shaped purple vibrator and purple finger attachment on a wood grain background
Noje B5 Bullet

Noje B6 Bullet Vibrator

As you can maybe guess by the name, the B6 Bullet the 6th bullet in the Njoy collection. Each bullet is 4 inches in length and comes with a silicone attachment that fits over the bullet. The B6 Bullet is unique as the attachment is one that allows the bullet to rest between the fingers. It has 10 settings for vibration and is rechargeable via USB. It is also waterproof!

So What Did I Think?

Even before using either of the toys for sexual use, I was already finding joy in both the W4 and B6! The W4 as soon as I had it charged I had it pressed gently against my face. Allowing the vibrations to run over my face. I had done this with bullet vibrators in the past. But the head of the wand covered more of the areas for my jaw and neck. The B6 is perfect for my sinuses as I suffer severe allergies. Both of them brining me relief for pain in ways I need often.

Onto the Sexual uses though!

The Noje B6 silicone part resting in the hands for ease of holding.
The B6 Sitting between my pointer and middle finger

The second thing I loved about both of these toys was accessibility. While the W4 is small it has power but is also lightweight. With many other wands, I find my arms grow tired from holding them. This never happens with the W4. With the B6 the attachment allowed it to sit between two fingers. As it could slide up and down the length of the bullet. This allowed me to find the right place for it to settle on my hand making it really universal.

The W4 is a tad more on the rumbly side to me, and the high vibration is still low compared to the higher power wands on the market. However, the B6 vibrations for me were on par with other bullets of its shape. I also found it was compatible with any bullet sleeves made for its shape as well. This made both of them so comfortable to use. I would also say they would go amazing in any travel/overnight bag. I find myself having them as my current go-to toys.

Both of these toys can be easily cleaned with a bleach/water solution or even soap and water. Making them easy and quick to clean.

Overall Thoughts

I was surprised by both the W4 Wand and B6 Bullet, both so simple in design. But packing a punch in use! I would suggest this combo for someone looking for their first toys. But also anyone wanting to have a toy they can use in their travels. They are also small enough to be hidden discreetly if you are not wanting your toys to be found.

Both toys can be found at Betty’s Toy Box. The W4 Wand 49.99 and the B6 Bullet 54.99. Though there are always wonderful sales on the site, so you can often catch them for lower.

Thank you to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me both of these toys in exchange for this review! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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