Mystical Musical: Music Divination

Mystical Musical: Music Divination

Divination has always been a passion of mine since I started to build my craft even as a teenager. My first tarot deck was special to me, but I didn’t always have one. Nor was I able to always use it because I was hiding it for a long time. So I learned to use other forms of divination. The most used being divination via music.

Why music? For me, music can be highly spiritual. I use it during meditation and ritual. It allows me to connect with the energy around me as well as can be a grounding element. I have also used it for spell work when I want to give the energy a bit of something. It allows me to put myself in the correct headspace for doing so much. Though for divination is it a little different. Because you are listening to what the music is telling you.

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Where to Start!

We start with a playlist! While I would like to say any playlist will do, there are a few that I stay away from. Anything with under 50+ Songs, playlists that are all one band, and any playlists that are curated towards a certain feeling. Now that last one can be useful if the intentions are correct. But as the lyrics can be heavily skewed in one direction. I like to make sure that the music has a lot of variety.

Personally, I like to go with my Liked Songs on Spotify or my Thumbprint Station on Pandora. Not only is it curated by you, but it is a mixture of all your tastes. This works super well when the intentions you are setting are self-focused.

Intentions and Action

The next step before you hit that play button is to set your intentions. Just like with a Tarot Card reading. What questions are you seeking answers for? I like to write them down or even use an actual tarot spread! This gives it all a direction. It allows your brain to focus on what you need to be hearing from the songs that come up. Shuffle here is your friend as you hit play.

As each song comes up, write down the name and any lyrics that pop up. My suggestion is to let it happen naturally, avoid using skip unless a song doesn’t seem right to your gut. Trust your feelings on this. Then either once you feel like you have the songs for each question. Or if the songs start to not make sense to your reading. Set the music aside or change to something else. Your messages have been given and I always take this as a sign the reading is over.


At this point I like looking up the songs, getting the full lyrics. While some may have stood out clear, sometimes you need the full scope of the song to understand. I also like to look into the song’s information. Like why the song was written if there is a story behind it. This gives a little insight into the mood of the song. Much like the way each card has many different layers so does music.

The answers you end up getting like tarot sometimes are going to be vague. They will also not only be what you want. Or they may just be telling you the things you know already. But that is divination sometimes to be very honest. Sometimes the answers are very easy and other times not so much. But I will say I have gotten some wonderful readings from this choice of divination.

Musical Divination Steps

1. Load up Playlist. Suggested using Liked Songs, Thumbprint Station, All Music on your preferred music device.

2.Before hitting play set intentions for what you are looking to get an answer. Or use a Tarot Reading outline for questions to answer with each song. 

3.Write down songs that pop up. Lyrics that stand out.  Try to refrain from using skip.

4. If it starts to not make sense. Your message is likely been given. Analyze what you have and take your messages.

Wrapping it All Up

All of my readings go in a particular journal for all of my divination. I write down so many notes. Even going so far as things like when the song came out. Does it remind me of a particular time in my life I could be taking answers from? Was there a lyric or section that stuck out? There are so many details that it makes each time it is unique.

Also don’t think it always has to be a grand thing. I have done this particular kind of divination in my morning shower. While I may not take notes right away. Like a morning one card reading it is more of a quick insight into things rather than a more detailed objective.

Do you have a unique way of divination? Or have you tried this form before? Tell me in the comments below! I love knowing about more unique divination that others have.

5 thoughts on “Mystical Musical: Music Divination

  1. This reminds me of bibliomancy! I used to be pretty active on pagan/witch tumblr and learned about bibliomancy through some of them.

    I like my tarot decks but it’s nice to do something different sometimes

    1. Yes! That is where I got the idea a while back! I loved how the great parts of Pagan Tumblr were always so welcoming to different kinds of divination. Cause I agree, sometimes the cards just don’t want to deal with me.

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