Pleasure for All Bodies: Kink and More

Pleasure for All Bodies: Kink and More

If pleasure is for all bodies, kink certainly is on that list of where many people find their pleasure. Though when you aren’t able bodied you have to change up how you make it work. Thankfully, there are things out there that can help. Not only for yourself, but for your partner as well.

Once again, as with my blog post about sex toys, this is all from personal experience. My advice is very general because you know your body the best. Find what works for you and what feels right.


Being tied up or restrained is one of the top most common fetishes. Right up there with impact play. Though it can often be hard on joints. Holding certain positions for long periods of time. This is one of those things that you need to be in communication with your Dom/Top. If you are mixing it with gags you want to make sure you have a signal for when you may need things loosened. Or a change in position.

If using an under the bed restraint you might find yourself still needing some kind of lower back support. A pillow in various sizes can help, especially firm ones with an incline. You can also change things up like the cuffs for ones that are softer and lighter. A spreader bar with more padding can help with needing a place for legs, arms, and head to rest.

Also, if ropes or cuffs aren’t your things there is always the options of tapes. The tape is perfect because it can be cut to any size. With the added bonus of only sticking to itself. Very much one size fits all and easy to get out of in a pinch if you need a quick release. In the past, it is my favorite for binding my legs around the ankles and thighs. This keeps them together and allows my partner to move them easily.


Holding a particular position can be rough on you or your partner. My knees are often the first to feel pain. A yoga mat or folding up my softest throw can help give extra comfort. If holding your legs up for long can be rough, a positioning sling can help. If being on your hands and knees is more your style. A sling can help to alleviate pressure on the back, though if it is too small. My go to is a large towel or soft blanket to hold on to under your partner.

Sex furniture is also an option with so many different shapes to play with. They can be an investment. Though I have learned that it is an investment worth making. If you do your research you can find what shapes will work best for you.

Going Hands Free

While not outright kinky. Being able to go hands-free with your toys can be used in so many ways. Being able to sit in a chair while having your wand attached in any position you may want it. Or even being able to mount your favorite toy so you can ride it. They are things that can be added in to make your playtime easier. This goes for strokers as well, not needing to use your hands to hold the toy can offer a chance to keep one’s balance. Even something as simple as using a harness on a pillow can change things up. Or if you are feeling a little wild or little, a stuffed animal that might be large enough. There are so many imaginative ways to use these kinds of attachments to expand your play.

A tangled up blanket after it was used around legs.

Lotions and Lube

The last thing I think is important no matter what body you have, that you have lube. Water, Silicone, and Oil based lubes keep things running smoothly. Always check for things that you or a partner might be allergic to when using oil or natural based lubricant.

More so, lubes and lotions that have been infused with CBD can help with a number of things. Not only for relaxation but also to ease joint pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you are worried about using it as internal lubrication. CBD is antimicrobial that naturally fight bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that can cause skin infections. So it is body safe, but still, check other ingredients to make sure everything used will agree with your skin.

What Works and What Doesn’t

As I have stated, you have to find what works for your body in all things. So what does? Is there anything I missed? Ways to make your kink more accessible? Accessories that help you get more pleasure out of your playtime? Share them below in the comments.

This post was sponsored by Betty’s Toybox, but all writing and opinions are my own.

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