CrashPad Ep311: Mistress Tom deFun and Blair

CrashPad Ep311: Mistress Tom deFun and Blair

“Honestly, how can Mistress Tom deFun appreciate a good book when her sub can’t even keep her stockings sorted? When she spots a hole in Blair’s stockings… well, that’s not the only hole Blair has, and soon DeFun’s fingers are fucking the trussed-up tart. Blair can’t even maintain proper diction while getting stroked off with a vibrator up her butt… how disgraceful! Then again… Mistress deFun’s punishment seems worth the crime to me.”

– Keymaster

A thing to note about this scene before I jump into it! Crashpad when you view this scene has a content note at the top. Stating that a toy used for penetration in this scene does not have a flared base. Then they make sure to explain the safety reasons. I love that Crashpad uses these content notes on their videos much like in the way content warnings on blogs and social media. You can read more about why they use them here.

Mistress Tom deFun sitting on a bed while Blair is in front of her on their knees. deFun holds her up via her collar to look at her.

Mistress Tom deFun disciplines Blair

Now getting into the scene itself! This starts out in such a lovely way, watching Mistress Tom deFun reading as her legs are resting on Blair‘s back. It is almost serene. Until the air is broken by DeFun getting Blair’s attention calling her slut. Reprimanding her for a hole in her stocking. Already the high protocol of this scene is so good. Mistress deFun’s voice is cool but strict as she pulls Blair up by her collar. Ordering her to put the book away and get the paddle.

Impact play happens a lot in scenes I have watched. Though this time it is in the form of punishment. Play punishment is of punishment used in a BDSM Play punishments result from trivial misdeeds rather than from true infractions. While pain may be an element of play punishment, it is not usually too intense or severe.

In the scene, it is ramped up by Blair having to retrieve the item to be punished with. Which in my own experience always adds to the excitement of it. Handing over the paddle and submitting to the punishment.

Devils in the Details

A thing I loved the most in this scene was how Mistress Tom deFun spoke to Blair. Her gentle tone coupled with lines such as ‘Posture, my love’ and ‘You’re already in very hot water, my love’ sends shivers down my spine. The addition of the small pet names like love, dear, and good girl even during reprimanding is amazing in a scene. It is a sublet reminder of the care the Dominant in the scene has for their submissive. While also a reminder of the dynamic. Building the tension as she continues to tie Blair into position.

When building a roleplay scene, this kind of mental play is something to think about and discuss with your partner. If you want to explore a particular theme or even just use particular words. It can elevate a scene to another level sometimes because it allows you to really sink into the role. This shows even more while the back and forth between the two is continued, even after Blair is gagged. Mistress de Fun teasing that she can’t understand a word and cautioning Blair to be careful with her diction. All while fingering Blair at this point, making it so she can barely do much but moan.

Kink and Tenderness

One more thing I want to touch on about this scene is the small tender things that are shown throughout. It is not just the pet names but there are more things. From the lipstick kiss on Blair’s cheek that stays through the whole scene. To Mistress deFun being the one that is wearing white lace and silk. It is a reminder that BDSM is not all leather and chains. Even the ropes being used are colorful. Scenes can be anything you want them to be. Scenes are a dive into our kinky imagination, and it’s okay if that kinkiness has a softness to it. Even while Blair is stroked into getting off after Mistress de Fun denies her a few times, the scene is delightfully sweet and kinky.

Thank you again to CrashPad for this opportunity to give these Sex Ed Porn reviews. While this may be the last one for a bit, I am excited to see what scenes happen in the future.

And remember, there is a huge back log on to watch! So if you are looking for some good, queer, and sometimes even kinky porn I highly suggest getting a subscription.

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