The Perfect Sex Shop: Building a Dream Store

The Perfect Sex Shop: Building a Dream Store

The perfect sex toy shop. It is something I think many people have thought about. I know I certainly have. Having visited a number of shops, both big chains, and small boutiques alike in my life. It has given me an idea of what I would look for in a sex toy shop. Though that doesn’t stop me from thinking about what would make a perfect sex shop! Not just my own ideas but a lot of them are echoed by some of my twitter followers. Whom I asked what would make their dream store!

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Many smaller boutiques that a city might have are often opened because they wanted to create a safe place. So I know for certain a shop being inclusive is a must. Everyone deserves pleasure. Though sometimes stores tend to focus on couples, straight-sized bodies, and able-bodied clientele.

From carrying products that are accessible for all bodies. Focus on gender affirmation and disability-friendly items along with education opportunities. Plus-size inclusiveness is a must in clothing/toys/etc. To displaying pride toys in the prominent area so that it is clear LGBTQ+ shoppers are welcome. As well as staff that is knowledgable on various topics as well. There are so many ways for a store to be able to show how it is inclusive to more than just one or two groups.

Testing, Testing, Testing

This is a big one. Testing! Not using the toy, but having a demo out to touch and feel. Knowing how the density or texture feels to the touch. While all of the toys in this perfect shop would be body-safe and nonporous, there is so much variety. Then there are the toys that vibrate! Is the vibration rumbly or buzzy? How powerful is it? In a perfect world I would even want testing for lube! Knowing what a flavor might taste like or the difference in water versus oil. Being able to really get a feel for what I am going to buy or even change my find if I don’t think it will work for me!

Another great part of this, recommendations! Knowing if there are staff favorites. Fun placards highlighting specific traits of the toy. Much like when you purchase wine to tell you about the flavor. Or even something like a QR code to scan that takes you to a review! This could be an interesting way for a shop to connect with bloggers! As well as, a great way to link online shopping with sex shops in your city.


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While variety should be a given, in this case I mean more than just having a selection of the big brands. But there are always smaller makers out in the world. This could bring in unique toys and interesting colors, limited batches, or even exclusive shapes for that shop. Personally I would love to see more fantasy shapes sold in stores. This could even go for kink and gender-affirming accessories that are made by hand.

When searching for a sex shop, I also love to see books available. From erotica of all kinds, relationship, and sexual education. It would also be great to see zines written by local artists available for sale as well. It is a great way to have a store be connected to the local community. With an area for in-store readings which would be amazing. Which leads right into my last big idea.

Dreaming Big

Now my final idea, is more fantasy than perhaps could happen in reality. I know there is a lot that goes into license and zoning. But having a boutique that is also a cafe could be fun. It would make for an interesting date spot or even a place writers could work. I know that I would love a cafe where I didn’t have to worry about who was seeing my screen at times. It would also be great for people just meeting up at that is Having erotic works of art from local artists on display. Perhaps at night it would make a nice place to hold workshops on various educational topics.

On the topic of workshops it would also be nice to have space where physical workshops could be held. Again this is a dream idea, so the sky is the limit here really. Things like rope and other kink education that needed a more open room. And who wouldn’t like a full-size dungeon space attached to a shop?

Support Your Local Sex Shop

When it all comes down to it, there are many sex shops in the world. While one may never be this dream sex shop in my mind. Many already include a lot of these things in one way or the other. So when searching for a sex shop in your area, take the time to look at them and find one that fits your needs. Support your local stores and you can watch them grow.

Do you have something you would add to your dream sex shop? Share in the comments below! I would love to hear more about what people would love.

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