Review: Uberrime Helios

Review: Uberrime Helios

Note: This review is based off the old model of the Helios.

My Helios arrived shortly after I started the process of getting a major tattoo cover-up on my dominant arm started. Which honestly does make using a dildo somewhat hard. So it sat, waiting for me. I waited patiently to use it. And yet, it seems time continued to try to thwart being able to test it. From sprains to my writs and having to work myself up to taking this toy. Here is my harrowing tale of how I conquered the Titan Helios!

Uberrime Helios a pink and blue spiraled dildo sitting on a black fabric background in the sun.


Though let’s start with a rundown on the Helios first. It is a handmade creation of Uberrime, who I have gone on about a lot. The designs from this company are stunning. The Helios is a heavily textured toy, covered in shaft long spirals that go down all the way to the base. The head itself is large and very mushroom-like. The full toy is just shy of 8 inches at 7.9″ in length, with 6.75″ being useable. The diameter is 1.95” meaning it is rather girthy.

Made out of silicone, no two Helios are alike. So you are always guaranteed a unique toy. Also, I loved that this titan of a toy is named after the sun god of Greek myth. While I have a vibrant blue and pink version. The gold and white version makes me think of how greek pottery looks.1

But, What Did I Think?

So back to my trial and errors with the Helios. I want to start this off with it being very much me. And not the toy. I love the girth. I love the texture. Thinking that this was the best of both worlds, I tried to use the Helios on its own. Just my favorite wand and a dildo named after the Greek god of the sun. I could only get the head inside of me. Even after my first orgasm with my wand, it was not budging. Used a lot of lube, nothing. I was worried that it was going to be like the Boss all over again.

A close up on the texture of the Helios

Not one to step away from a challenge, I realized something. While I love girth and texture, my body just wasn’t prepared for the combo. So I took out a few of my smoother slimmer dildos. Yes, this one I knew I was going to literally have to work up towards. I not only had to work towards the girth, but I also had to work towards the stamina. My wrists are not the strongest, so I had to take my time. And while I was able to after months of up and down, actually take it all. I learned there was one more trick.

A flick of the wrist!

Or, perhaps more of a twist. Yes, dear reader, the big trick to getting the most out of the Helios is twisting. I found that not only did a twist of my wrist made penetration easier, it felt amazing. It was great for stimulating my G-spot. And when I couldn’t continue to thrust I could twist and the stimulation was an amazing combo with a vibrator. It was almost what I imagine one of those ‘juicer’ dildos feels like. Just not as firm because this is silicone instead of hard glass.

Overall Thoughts

Helios, at least for me, is a workout. But I love it. I think it would be better with a partner wielding it so my wrist doesn’t go out. Or wonderfully in a harness. If you are a fan of girth and texture, this is one that would be amazing in your toybox.

You can grab the Helios at Peepshow Toys in lovely White and Gold, or at Shevibe in their Alien Sunset color! There are also a lot of great colors at the Uberrime site as well!

Thank you Uberrime for sending me the Helios in exchange for this review! All writing and opinions are my own. This review contains affiliate links that go towards supporting this blog.

  1. Also a black and gold version of this toy would look really neat I think

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