How to Find the Best Sex Shop for you!

How to Find the Best Sex Shop for you!

Going into a sex shop can be nerve-wracking. Especially if you have never been before. But it can be a fantastic experience if you find the right kind for you. Allow me to break down a few things to take into consideration. So that you can find a brick and mortar stores that works for you!


This can be both a pro and a con, but it is the biggest factor when deciding to shop at a store. Doing a search for what is in your area is always the first thing. I highly recommend trying to find blog posts about sex shops. Either ranking them or just reviewing them. Often times, if you live in a larger metropolitan area, you can be lucky to have a boutique-like shop such as Early to Bed, Come As You Are, Smitten Kitten. A smaller chain store like Pleasure Chest or Good Vibrations. Or even a large chain such as Adam and Eve, Lions Den, or Adult Mart.1

One store I will never suggest is Spencer’s Gifts. Yes, they do have an adult section but it is seen as a novelty and amusement. Their selection is lacking. There training is minimal and at times misinformed about what is body-safe. Having worked there personally for a time, I cannot in good conscience ever recommend it.


After doing your research and finding what stores are closest to you. There is more research. It is always the question of what the store has in stock and what kind of store it is. This is where reading reviews come in handy.

Sometimes if you are lucky they will have a website with information on what they carry. It is best to find out, or you may find a store that has only a small toy section. In the past, I have found those stores tend to lean more into DVDs and lingerie/dancewear. The chains will tend to carry a lot of different products. While a smaller boutique will have a more curated selection. If you are unsure of what brands to trust I suggest going with Blush. They tend to have a large selection of toys all at different price points.

Special Things

One of the things I enjoy about sex shops is how diverse they are. Some you will find will lean into kink. While others really lean into romance and couples. Many of the boutiques and smaller chains tend to run classes on sexual subjects. Everything from the vanilla-like blow jobs, to kinkier like rope bondage classes. Also if you are new to toys or want to learn about specific kinds of toys. I often see the shops holding those as well.

These classes are often taught by the people who work there. Or by Sex Educators who are brought in to run the class. So some of them can even be about other things dealing with sexuality. If that is something you would enjoy it would be good to look up shops that did those kinds of events.

Photo by David Len on Unsplash

What Works for You

At the end, when you are searching for a sex shop to visit. You want to find what works for you. You will find that sometimes it takes a lot of searching. While others might find it in one simple stop. But don’t be discouraged! Once you have narrowed down your choices you will certainly find one that you can enjoy!

What shops have you found in your area that are great? Share them below! Not only do I love finding new shops. But it is also a great way for other readers to find shops that might be in their area.

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  1. Names will vary with location.

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