Episode 305: Halo the GxdBody and La Muxer Diosa

Episode 305: Halo the GxdBody and La Muxer Diosa

As you know, normally I dive into these CrashPadSeries.com episodes on my Twitter! This time I am taking to the blog as there is so much I have to say on this episode and sex magic! This is not the first time that Crashpad has delved into sex magic in a scene either! Episode 281 also involved sex magic along with La Muxer Diosa. Which the wonderful Carly of Dildo or Dildon’t covered on her blog!

“Halo the GxdBody and La Muxer Diosa cast a spell “The impact of our actions is way bigger than either of us,” Halo the GxdBody tells La Muxer Diosa, as they begin a ritual of sexual magic and magical sex to help heal our wounded world. After outlining what La Muxer is open to experiencing as a sub, Halo collars them, cuffs them to the bed, and gets to work with a flogger. With tooth and hand, mouth and dildo, Halo pours energy into La Muxer, who takes what is given and begs for more.”

CrashPad 305 Episode Description

Negotiation and Ritual

Halo the GxdBody and La Muxer Diosa during negotiation. (Source: CrashPadSeries.com)

Our performers for this scene are La Muxer Diosa, who has been in a number of scenes on Crashpad. And Halo the GxdBody who is debuting on Crashpad in this scene. La Muxer’s scenes often involve sex magic, with them on as dominate one, as they identify as Princess Goddess Domme. But for this scene, La Muxer wants to experience this ritual as a submissive.

While I only briefly covered negotiation in my post about masturbation and witchcraft. When you are with a partner and your ritual is going to involve any sort of BDSM element, this kind of negotiation is important. Seeing the negotiation woven into the ritual itself was honestly gorgeous.

Halo and La Muxer smiling as La Muxer are cuffed to the bed having her hair played with. (Source: CrashPadSeries.com)

Energy and Flow

From the moment that Halo puts the collar around La Muxer’s neck, it is a clear sign of the start. But it is the moment that La Muxer is bound to the bed that you can feel the energy start to rise. Their body kneeling on the bed, hands in a position of prayer almost as they begin. Each time Halo checks in with La Muxer, confirming that they did agree to or like an action. It never takes away from the scene only adding to it.

As Halo starts into flogging, scratching, and spanking La Muxer you can feel the energy just building. Even with their very cute back and forth banter between strikes. The intention of this being magic is there. Ritual doesn’t have to be a stodgy thing. Pleasure and laughter are some of the potent energies.

La Muxer Diosa cuffed to the bed, looking down into their arms (Source: CrashPadSeries.com)

Submission and Connection

After uncuffing La Muxer, Halo instructs them to get them undressed. But you can watch as the connection between the two just grows. Each article of clothing that La Muxer removes is done with a question. And when it is finally time for La Murer to undress, Halo can barely contain themselves to let them get their panties off. It is a very wonderful moment that for me shows that submission doesn’t have to be large gestures. It can be something so very simple but still connects the two so strongly.

The scene becomes even more erotic and intimate. That at this point in watching I held my breath a few times. I was honestly left in awe by this scene. Watching as Halo goes down on La Muxer, it is like an act of worship. A reward for accepting the pain from before. But the whole time it is Halo in control.

Pure Magic

This scene from CrashPad brings such a wonderful light to sex magic. From something that seems like it needs to be dark. To something that is positive, pleasurable, and full of joy. I won’t give away the end, though you might have an idea. As a watcher, I was 100% under the spell of this scene.

Thank you CrashPad for a chance at reviewing this scene for another wonderful Sex Ed Porn Review! If you want to check out more of their amazing scenes subscribe to CrashPadSeries.com!

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